by Hentacle

Belle arrived at the castle of the Beast. She gazed out at the ominous fortress, a mass of cold grey marble surrounded by dark thundering clouds. Might as well get started, she sighed, mustering up her courage. She strode toward the gates, and they opened in anticipation.

Belle entered the courtyard. She looked around, searching for the monster who had threatened her father. "I'm here, Beast," she called out. "Where are you?"
"Over here," said a voice like someone speaking underwater. Belle turned, and saw the Beast in all his hideous glory. A massive, pink-purple sluglike horror loomed before her. Extending from its body were all manner of pseudopods and tentacles. Belle felt her gorge rise, and struggled to keep it down. She'd known that the Beast would be hideous, but not like this!
But she knew that she must not show fear. She walked towards the Beast. "I am here, Beast," she spoke, "in accordance to the exchange my father worked out."
"Very well," the Beast warbled. "Come with me."

Later, as they shared dinner together, the Beast told his tragic story. "Although I had grown up in a life of privilege, and could have anything I wanted, I was spoiled, selfish, and ill-mannered. One day, an old woman came to the castle, asking permission to pick a rose from my garden. This I did not allow; it was my garden -- thus went the reasoning -- and she had no right to it.
"In her anger, she revealed herself to be a beautiful fairy, and cursed me into this hideous state. Now my twenty-first birthday draws near. The only way to break the spell is for a beautiful woman to love me for who I truly am, in spite of my bestial form."
"I see," Belle said. "I'm moved to pity. I could try to love you."

When the meal had ended, Belle looked at the Beast. "I'm going to try kissing you now," she said. It couldn't be that unpleasant to kiss whatever the Beast was.
He leaned towards her. She put her arm around his massive neck, and their lips touched. Beauty sucked on the lips, kissing the Beast. It wasn't that bad, not bad at all. In fact...he was rather tasty. She kissed him again, then licked him, relishing the sweet-salty taste. He seemed to be covered with this rather delicious slime.
The Beast felt himself getting aroused. His blubbery lips were like an erogenous zone, and the touch of Belle's tongue against him was quite erotic. His tendrils sprang to life, going for Belle's gown and feeling up her body, sliming her. The slime was like an aphrodisiac, and Belle began to tear off her clothes, feeling flushed and sweaty.
One tendril wrapped itself around her right leg, then snaked up to her vagina, teasing and testing it. Belle thrilled to the sensations, almost like orgasms but not close, and she finally managed to look down at the huge phallic head. "No, don't!" she cried out in fear. "It's too..."
The head pushed its way into her body, its malleable substance conforming to her inner walls. "C-correction," she felt herself say, "it's...not...big...enou-uh-uh-ah-aaaahhhhh!!" Her body spasmed and shook with ecstasy and she squirmed as she felt the tendril slither through her tunnel of love. She felt it touch her cervix, and the initial dread returned. "Wait!" she screamed to the huge grunting Beast above her. "You'll split me in..."
Just then, the limb oozed through into her womb, and Belle's body rushed with ecstasy anew. "Oh my God," she said in a high, almost childlike voice. Then the limb erupted, shooting its load to the back of her womb, and she screamed, "OhmyGAAAAAaahhhhhh!!!" as her body locked in a spasm of the most powerful screaming orgasm anyone ever had. Her entire system glowed white-hot, with golden fire spreading through her entire belly, loins, and inner thighs.
She vaguely felt a second member pressing against her anus, its tendril coiled around her left leg. Then the pseudo-penis moved through, and the discomfort turned to joy. Both sculpted buttocks glowed, and her entire spinal column seemed to light up, going up her back and into her brain. Even her colon was radiating delight, as the Beast's supernatural spunk splashed on and into it.
Two more tendrils went for her breasts, forming suction cups as they landed on her nipples. These cups sucked and pressed, stimulating her further. Her breasts balloned from the pleasure, filling her entire chest. Belle thrashed with delight, her body writhing involuntarily. The Beast pulled her up and toward his own body, embracing her. By now her body was completely soaked with the beautiful slime and she was loving every instant of it, this unending state of bliss now her only sensory input. She was kissing him, licking him, tasting him, and she never wanted this to stop...

She woke hours later, her breasts now twice the size of her head and weighing twenty pounds each. Her hips were equally wide and her waist was a perfect hourglass. She ran her hands across her body, and squealed as she was brought to climax with the slightest touch.
She knew then what would bring her to the most wonderful climax of all...her love, the Beast.

The Beast stared in horror at what Belle had become. He knew just from looking at her that she had become his willing, addicted sex slave, ready to say, do, or think anything that would allow her to experience another session.
Then the true curse of the Beast reared its ugly head. The Beast needed a woman who would love him in spite of his monstrous form...but he would only encounter women who would adore him because of the pleasure that form provided.
The Beast screamed.