I Dream of Inju, or Harum Scarum

Major Tony Nelson woke up, surrounded by gorgeous half-naked women lying on cushions.
"Oh, no, did Jeannie's sister kidnap me and bring me to her master's harem AGAIN??" he groaned.
"That's right, Tony baby," said the blue-clad genie as she materialized before him. "And I have something special in store for you..."
"Let him go!" shouted Jeannie as she also materialized in the harem. "Leave my master alone!"
"Oh, don't be such a square, sister!" said Jeannie II. "I'm just going to have a little fun with him for a while!"
"What kind of fun?" demanded Jeannie doubtfully.
"This kind," said Jeannie II simply. She pointed at Tony, and he mutated into a tentaclemonster. The harem women screamed, only to have tentacles shot into their mouths.
"What did you do to him?" demanded Jeannie angrily.
"Something I saw on a trip to the future once," said Jeannie II. "That creature is called an inju. It mates with human women and grants them nonstop orgasms."
It was true, the inju was in the process of pleasuring the harem girls including that hot belly dancer. Suddenly it reached out some tentacles and grabbed Jeannie's sister. "That's right, baby!" she smiled. "I'm all yourroomph!" The inju silenced her with a tentacle. "Master, wait!" cried Jeannie. "It's me, JeannOOMPH! Ohhhmmphhh yehhhmmmphhh..."
Jeannie's sister had been right, inju were sexual juggernauts. Orgasm after orgasm shot through the genies and harem girls, making them climax over and over. The more willing ones went into every position known to man, and some known to inju. That night would've gone down in history as "The Night of A Thousand and One Orgasms," had there been any historians taking notes. The last coherent thought Jeannie II had was along the lines of, "I have GOT to do this again sometime..."
The next morning, all six women lay where they were, drenched in sweat and human and monster jism. Jeannie awoke first.
"The Death of a Thousand Cuts is one thing; the Death of a Thousand Itches is another. The Death of a Thousand Orgasms? Whoo..." she commented with a grin. She magically cleaned herself and everything else in the harem up, turned Tony back into a human, and teleported the both of them back to Cocoa Beach, where Jeannie spent every night of the next week turning Tony into an inju so she could "die the Death of a Thousand Orgasms".