Morrigan's Date

Disclaimer #1: Morrigan Aenslade, her "Soul Fist" move, Demitri Maximoff, and the Darkstalkers name are owned by Capcom. This is not meant to infringe on copyright or make money; I'm just a guy who wrote this because he has nothing better to do.

Disclaimer #2: This story contains material unsuitable for those under 21. If you are younger than this, GET THE HELL OUT NOW.

Disclaimer #3: This story deals with (more or less) non-consensual sex; in other words, rape. Rape is a foul, disgusting crime. No woman enjoys being fucked against her will, and if you think otherwise, you need help.

Now, on with the story!

Morrigan Aenslade, the succubus, was scouting downtown Tokyo for Darkstalkers. She had changed into her mortal disguise , that of a prostitute. Suddenly, she was stopped by a tall, lanky man who appeared to be in his late twenties. "Hi, babe," he grinned. " How much you worth?" He offered her money. Morrigan would have told him to fuck off, but she noticed his aura. This was no ordinary man; he was surrounded by a demonic glow. Morrigan arched her eyebrow. This guy could only be some of Darkstalker. She accepted his money. "This'll do fine," she smiled.
"I know a place where we can have so me fun," said the man. They went to his apartment. Morrigan walked in the door to his bedroom. "So how do you want it?"
"Oh, " said the man, smiling, "like...THIS!"
Before a shocked Morrigan's eyes, the man mutated into a hideous demon with phallic tentacles protruding from its stomach.
Morrigan's mouth dropped open. This was an inju, a demon of lust! Like succubi, inju gained their power thr ough sex; unlike succubi, however, they preferred to rape their victims and feed on their life force. Time to play, thought the inju.
Morrigan fell to the ground, sobbing. Her terror was fake, however; what a human would call rape, she was ready to welcome. Her sobs were merely carefully disguised laughter.
The inju wrapped two of its tentacles a round Morrigan's arms and two others around her arms. The tentacles dissolved her clothes, lifted her into the air and forced her arms behind her back, and spread her legs apart. The tentacle around her right leg snaked into her crotch, and the one around her left leg slid up her asshole, while the arm tentacles caressed her shapely breasts. A fifth tentacle slid between her tits and forced itself into her mouth.
For a rapist, the inju sure knew how to please a woman, especially if said woman was a succubus. Morrigan's breasts began to glow with the delight of its caresses, with the feel of those members touching her skin. The tentacle in her pussy continued to massage her internal walls, while the one up her ass had her buttocks humming and her colon vibrating. The one in her mouth even tasted good. As the sensations continued to build, Morrigan's body began to spasm, as her orgasm built. She felt as if a thousand electric dildos were massaging her, all over her beautiful body. Soon she went into multiple orgasms. If you think THIS is fun, the inju smiled, here come the good part -- the part where I fuck you till you DIE ! Morrigan tried to scream with mock pain and terror, but it was muffled by the mouth tentacle. The inju grew three times as many tentacles as it molested the succubus. The extra tentacles massaged Morrigan all over her body. Two of them ran themselves over the lips of her vagina, while the one already in there extended past her cervix and into her womb. None of that hurt, in fact, Morrigan had the most pleasurable orgasms of her immortal life.
She could feel her life energy being drained away as the inju subjected her to the most intense yet pleasant experience of her centuries. She could also feel the orgasmic sexual energy being changed into more life energy to supplement that which was taken away. Her concentration on her human form faded away, and the false humanity itself followed suit. The batwings on her head grew out, and the ones on her back popped out as well. A succubus! exclaimed the inju demon.
Her strength heightened through the ubergasm, Morrigan forced her arms to ward her "rapist". "Ssssssoooooouuuulllllll FFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSTTT!" she screamed. The most powerful burst of spiritual energys he had ever delivered flew out of her hands and blew the inju's head off! "I did it!" shouted Morrigan. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" The feelings of victory, combined with the power surge and the orgasms that were now being mechanically forced on her, as the tentacles now moved like a chicken with its head cut off, sent Morrigan into what felt like the ultimate orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YESYESYESAAAAAAAAAAA..."
Morrigan's mind went purely animal as she came; then she lost consciousness.

When Morrigan awoke sometime later, she discovered that her body had developed to porn star proportions. She also noticed the mess she'd made of the inju that "raped" her. "I...did that?" she wondered. Those mega-orgasms must have made me some kind of super-succubus! Then she smiled.
"Demitri Maximoff, here I come."

THE END (at least of the sex story)