The dark ceremony took place at the temple of the demon-god Ysh-y'bbek. (Actually, the deity's real name was impossible for human tongues to pronounce; calling it "Ysh-y'bbek" made it merely difficult.)
The girl was chained to the altar in preparation for the virgin sacrifice, although considering she was built like a harem dancer and was dressed pretty much to match, her virginity very hard to believe. The high priestess of the cult, a woman who was only slightly less attractive, raised a dagger above her head, ready to deliver the girl's soul to Ysh-y'bbek's dark realm.
"You won't succeed with this, Darda!" scowled the girl. "Karko will rescue me!"
"Karko?" smiled Darda. "I think not, Ariella! I have my own little contingency for him!
"But enough talk! In the name of Ysh-y'bbek, let the ritual commence!"
"Let it not, and lie about it!" shouted a powerful male voice.
Darda looked toward the source of the voice. Ariella attempted to do the same, but the fact that she was shackled down on the altar meant that she had trouble looking over her own breasts.
The speaker was a powerfully built warrior, naked but for a loincloth and boots. Volcanic grey eyes peered from a face that seemed literally chiseled, with a tousled mane of hair. In one hand, the muscular barbarian held a gleaming battle axe.
Darda smiled as her eyes roamed over Karko's powerful body. She especially had trouble taking her eyes off his groin. By Ysh-y'bbek, he could perhaps take a woman all night, and probably until noon the next day!
"What a virile specimen of mankind you are, Karko," she smiled. "Perhaps we could come to some sort of agreement?" She moved back her robes, revealing her own magnificent body (in a feminine way, of course).
"Tempt me not with your wiles, dark sorceress!" bellowed Karko. "I'll not rest till you are dead, and the girl freed!"
"The girl?" spoke up Ariella. "Now wait a minute, I have a name!"
"You be silent!" scolded Darda. Then she turned back to Karko and said, "I haven't much time for pleasures of the flesh anyway. So..."
She tossed a bag of something at Karko. It struck him in the chest and exploded in a green powder! As greenish smoke filled the place where he stood, Karko screamed in agony. "Karko!" screamed Ariella. "What have you done to him?"
Where Karko had stood was a spawn of Ysh-y'bbek. It looked like Cthulhu's brother or something similar.
"Now go," said Darda, "and make sure there are no further interruptions."
The spawn of Ysh-y'bbek stared rather nastily at Darda. "I...don't...think...so," it burbled in a voice that sounded like it was speaking underwater.
"Shit," cursed Darda in sudden terror.
"Uh-oh," said Ariella in similar fright. Apparently there was something of Karko still in there, and it seemed to have at least partial dominion over the beast. Long ropey tentacles surged out and grabbed Darda's arms and legs, pulling her toward the Ysh-spawn. She gave out a shriek of terror that was cut off as a tentacle was forced down her throat. Although forced to give the ectoplasmic member head, she couldn't help noticing that it tasted a little like calamari. Hm, good, she found herself complimenting. She wondered how it'd taste in a stew.
Suddenly, tentacles began to surround her breasts and squeeze them, tickling the nipples. Before she could protest, two more slid between her legs and penetrated her cunt and ass. "Mmph! Mmmph!" she murmured in protest. Then her body began to go crazy as one limb pushed against her colon, and the other traveled through her cervix into her womb, repeatedly hitting her G-spot along the way. It didn't hurt, in fact, it was...oh, Ysh-y'bbek, it was wonderful. She had the best sex of her life, experiencing a non-stop orgasm. Every nerve and sinew in her body felt like it was literally exploding from the pleasure.
The cultists' responses were varied. One wanted to save their priestess, but was held back by those cheering, "Yeah! Do her! Go for it!" Some were masturbating, some licked their lips as their throats became dry, and some just stared stupidly. Ariella had finally managed to raise her head enough to see, and went, "Huh?!"
Finally Darda lost consciousness. The Karko/Ysh-spawn released her and turned his attention to Ariella. He whipped the cultists into unconsciousness, and snapped off Ariella's chains. "Karko?" asked Ariella, confused. "Is that really you?"
"More or less," said the Karko-spawn.
"What'd you do to her?" asked Ariella, pointing at the blissfully unconscious Darda.
"Oh, that's right...you're a virgin," remembered the Karko-spawn lecherously. "Here, I'll show you.."
"Karko, wait!" cried Ariella as Karko grabbed her with his newfound tentacles. "My virginityyyyyyooooohhhh!" Too late, Ariella became ruined for all other men as she experienced superhuman orgasms, one after the other. Her last coherent thought was, No wonder Ysh-y'bbek's a god, if his progeny are this good!
Soon Ariella lost consciousness, just as Darda awoke. "Oh, no!" groaned the priestess. "She's lost her virginity, thanks to you!" Then she noticed the blood from Ariella's hymen, thought it over, and said, "On second thought, one can call it a sacrifice anywhoomph!" The words were cut off with a tentacle in the mouth, as the Karko-spawn took Darda again...then Ariella again...then Darda...then Ariella...then both women at once... If not for the blissful expression on both women's faces, it would have looked like the cover of a pulp novel, as the two women were repeatedly ravished by a tentacled fiend. It went on all night, the trio experiencing the ultimate multiple orgasm over and over and over, the supernatural power of the Karko-spawn keeping the women alive.
When it was all over three days later, Darda stared at the ceiling of the temple, mumbling, "I should have made someone a Ysh-spawn years ago."
"Speaking of converting," grinned Ariella, "I think I've become an Ysh-y'bbek worshipper." "Same here," grinned the Karko-spawn. 24-hour lecherousness and the ability to experience ubergasms (and to share the experience with others) sure made for one hell of a combination! "Are you guys OK?" asked a cultist.
Darda was silent for a moment, then said, "What are you doing, still here?"
"Actually, you probably didn't notice," said another cultist, "but when we awoke to the screams of ecstasy, we decided to leave until the orgy had ended. You know, for privacy."
"Took them long enough," grumbled a third.
"OK, guys," said Darda, "new tradition. No more human sacrifices, and no more hexing or necromancy. From now on, eternal orgasms for everybody!"
And they all lived very happily ever after!!!