I hope the title of this story isn't totally indicative of the whole thing! We'll see.


Amy looked down into the dark entrence of the isolated cave and felt the warm steam rising from it's opening. Her ploy of waiting till the Police and reporters left had borne fruit and now she was the only living thing within miles, supposedly, the only living thing. Amy played back the events in her mind, how she heard that a girl, her age, had been found in this cave, her naked body covered with a ooze, bruises and delirious. This crazed girl fought officers attempts to rescue her, screaming that she wanted to stay with her "Lover", while the cops had found no one else despite a huge search.

Now Amy stood at the opening of the dark hole where the woman had struggled to stay and peered into the half light. She clicked on her large flashlight and carefully picked her way inside. The cave was even warmer inside, and Amy removed her thin jacket, the walls seemed to seep a clear slime that collected on the floor and Amy slipped on it as she went deeper into the depth. The slime seemed to collect even deeper now and seemed to form into a pool, Amy's sneakers, long since soaked, had lost any traction and she fell into a hole. Now totally covered in the slimy substance she questioned her own resolve, and groped to find her flashlight now extinguished due to the fall. Amy franticly felt around in the slippery goo, even as her eyes adjusted to the dark, she brushed against something long and hard and picked it up. She groped around looking for the switch when the thing she found jerked from her hands! Startled, Amy stood up, sliding in the slime, now she stepped on her flashlight and reached to get it and flicked it on. The pool she was in was crisscrossed with many dark weaving serpents, she followed the length of them to the far side of the pool and saw what she was looking for, a mamoth tentacled beast! It was dark grey and seemed to be composed of a large oblong head and many thick tentacles, each easily reaching over 25 feet long and almost as thick as her thigh. 2 large eyes peered at her from the top of antenna that sprung from it's head, and seemed to almost glow in as it gazed. Amy, much to her own surprize was not scared, the gaze of the beast seemed to have a soothing effect on her nerves, and did not seem to be aggressive. She propped up the flashlight in an indentation in the cavewall and aimed it at the ceiling, illuminating most of the chamber and allowing her to see the entire scene. She could see the many thick tentacles, lined with 2 rows of suction cups and thought about the pattern of bruises on the other girl. These tentacles would explain that, but could they have been more hickies than bruises? She looked at the seemingly tranquil beast and wondered about the feeling she got when she looked into it's eyes. She felt relaxed, at ease and at a certain level, even stimulated. She looked away for a second and was surprized at what effort it took to do so, she was even more surprized to find all of her clothes were now tossed into the pool! Amy stood there naked and slimy, her 40DD breasted heaving as she struggled to understand how this all was happening. She looked back at the monster, and again was calmed by it's deep gaze. One of it's tentacles reached out to her, but not in a threatening way, almost as a plea, it seemed to beckon to her. She watched as the long tapering tentacle, shimmering with slime, reached out and touched her breast. It cupped the large mammary and seemed to gently fondle Amy's soft breast, suction cups suckling on the now erect nipple. Amy, was now almost incapable of looking away as the molesting tentacle gently nibbled, she felt herself moving into the pool, walking into the warm shallow depth of ooze. She felt another tentacle slide up between her legs, it started massaging her pussy, and directing Amy's movement, moving her into the very center of the mass of twisted tentacles. Slowly the slick snakes slithered onto Amy's soft flesh, a larger tentacle wrapping twice around Amy's narrow waist, more tentacles now slithered her as well, gripping her both above and below her ample breasts and holding her round hips. The long arms now embraced Amy's shapely thighs, roiling and coiling as they covered her in a warm, silky grip. Everywhere the suction cups suckled, nibbling her whereever it touched her. Amy was totally entranced, swaying in the hold of the massive creature, as the tendrils continued to slide around and embrace it's willing victim. The tentacles gripped Amy tightly as it drew her ever inward, the sheer weight of the creature now made itself apparent as the mass of the many arms slithering, probing and suckling was taking Amy's breath away. She now struggled to draw breath as the smooth tentacles slowly squeezed her. It only served to enhance her sensations though, as Amy became more and more entangled, the tantalizing feelings generated by ten thousand suckling discs, 300 feet of gripping tentacles and gallons of slimy ooze were sending Amy into near dementia. She felt herself being turned around as the tentacles slowly pulled her toward its head. The tips of at least 5 arms were now probing her crotch, probing her softest regions, by now a mass of crazed tentacles and suction cups. She felt one of the probes squeeze itself between the larger tendrils and slip into her moist sex, it slowly slid in as the tentacle pressed through more and more of itself. Amy never imagined such pleasure, as the tentacle eased into her and the multisensations from the massive molestation completely overwhelmed her senses. Amy screamed as she struggled to release her sexual tensions, arching her back she writhed in the ever increasing grip, pressing against the thick tentacle, trying to drive more inside her. She was now pressed against the dark head of the beast, as the apex of the tentacles seem to form an indentation for her to fit into, coils and all. As the she was backed into the saddle that was formed, she felt yet another tentacle slide between her bound thighs, but this one was different. This was lighter and much shorter, but was unmistakable as to it's purpose, but still mammoth as compared to members Amy had ever experienced. Yet she craved the Monster cock, after all the tremendous sexual capital had been built up, she was ready to be split in two if need be to get that penis inside her. Amy felt the probe slowly withdraw from her and then press against her bung, still soaked with a combination slime and her girljuice, it throbed against her puckered anus. The Monster penis surprizingly navigated between the many suckling tentacles and slipped into the lips of Amy's wet flower. The head seemed to be the size of a small doorknob but it was insistant and pressed inward. Amy threw her head back as she was slowly penetrated, yelping as she took the cock, the ooze serving to lube her inside and out. The suction cups seemed to suck frenzily now as the cock slowly sank into the Amy's tight hole. It filled her to capacity and seemed to quiver as it bottomed out in Amy's love tunnel. Amy passed out momentarily as the now throbing penis drew itself out for another stroke, tentacles suckling and thrashing about her, roiling and wrapping over her and each other. One tentacle slid into Amy's open mouth and choked her as it slid down her throat. Now the prick slid in again, quivering as it wiggled into the moist canal, as it did the first probe pushed into Amy's slippery butt, slowly entering and filling the anguished girl to the point of capacity. The entire mass of tentacles, probes, ooze and Amy contorting and shuddering as the ravishing continued. The electric heat Amy felt building up now exploded forth as a teeth-shattering orgasm and she multiplied it again and again as the beast continued to pump her quaking body both front and back. Amy thrilled at the continued coupling utterly taken by this fantastic experience, she slid her hands over the slippery coils as they rocked in unison. All the crushing and squeezing now took it's toll as Amy ran out of oxygen her world slowly got darker and darker.

Amy woke up in the warm pool, dazed, completely sore and bruised from head to toe with the same "hickies" as the girl she was originally investigating. She was weak and alone, her flashlight still on the wall shone weakly but reveiled a small opening in the rear of the cave where the beast probably retreated. Amy felt completely isolated and depressed, she wanted the Monster to come back and take her into it's warm embrace again, she wanted to experience its peaceful gaze and feel the thrill of its touch. ......Voices, she now heard voices, probably a rescue team, sombody had seen her go in to the cave! But she would rather die than leave......


The Rayman