Agent 006 - Licensed to Cum

"So you finally fell into my clever trap," snickered Lady Blue, evil mastermind and would-be world dominatrix.
Agent 006 might have answered, "You scheming bitch! I thought that you thought that I thought that having a button labeled with Trap - Don't Touch would keep me from pushing it...who could guess that you thought that I thought this and it was a trap!" But naturally, she couldn't speak with that nefarious contraption in her mouth (vide infra).
Meanwhile, Lady Blue went through the Big Explanation phase all super villians are so fond of.
"Wonder of hydrodynamics! So we have this gag A going in your mouth and around your neck, connected with a one way valve B to a plastic pipe C. Which goes down and down and leads to a pumping bladder D fixed inside your pussy E." She switched on a vibrator attached to clit F. Agent 006 was struggling helplessly against her ties.
"So, each time you cum, your sugar walls will contract, this will pump up the gag and finally you'll be asphyxiated."
"Asphywhat?" Henchboy wasn't the brightest in greek. (All villians regularly complain about the lack of qualified personal.)
"She'll die from lack of air, you dweeb! Now you may watch her closely while I have to attend some conference on world domination. I don't think she's going somewhere, but in any case, be on the alert." With some Fiendish Laughter #23b she left the scene.
Agent 006 was squirming. Her clit was on fire. The vibrator was mercilessly bringing her to an orgasm. Then she came. Her throbbing vagina pumped and pumped. The gag was tightening. Already she was lacking air, which only increased the lust on her next orgasm. Henchboy watched fascinated with a hard-on that could have deflected a bullet.
Will Agent 006 escape? You bet! :-)

"Henchboy, I'm home! Is the bitch urk!" A blunt object had collided with her path.
Lady Blue awoke with a 'horn' on her forehead that really befitted her devilish nature. She had to stop her eyes circling before she could get the scene. She was hanging over the pond where the Sinister Sisterhood dumped her fouled-up biological experiments (this always causing protest from Greenpeace). Slowly she realized the situation. Henchboy was tied to a ladder across the pond. His hard-on was firmly locked in her cunt. Herself she was completely tied up and hanging face down to the abyss. What, the insolence...! Agent 006 was enjoying the situation.
"You surely are burning to know how I escaped your trap. Well, I was nearly had. Then I thought of 'Barbarella'. Maybe too much of a good thing would break your trap. I thought of my love night with Agent 69..."
Lady Blue swore in envy. The abilities of Agent 69 were legendary. Too bad he was one of the good ones, and refused to show his abilities on her. She used him for the aforementioned biological experiments. Well, maybe he was still in the pond, playing hopscotch with the toads...
"And so I orgasmed will all force. I nearly was strangled, but then the gag blew like a over-inflated balloon." "But Henchboy..." "Oh, I told the little wanker he should tie me in a better position for satisfying him..." "And of course, this meant untie you first...Henchboy, you creep! I'll..." "Well, you have enough time you discuss that out. As you already have figured out, the only thing that keeps you from falling into the abyss is this loop of string...and now that I cut it, Henchboys erection. It will be a ticklish balance for you to keep him in this state! But now excuse me, I have to hack your computer system. I'll be back in an hour or so. Bye-bye!" Agent 006 blew a kiss and was gone.
Will the villains survive? Aw shucks!

"Henchboy! Be a man! Don't get limp!" "I'm doing my best, ma'am... Oh yes...I'm coming..." "Don't you! Quick, think about math!" "3* that is...oh, I'm going limp again..." "Henchboy!!"
Lady Blue tried her last resort, the secret Cleopatra Grip. "Oh. UM! YesyesyesRHALOVELY!!" Oh, bugger, this was a bit too much! Henchboy ejaculated Lady Blue directly into the maws of doom.
Kersplash! Lady Blue was lucky that she crashed into five meters of mud that dampened the fall. Plus some squishy stuff...
"Ouwch! That hurt!" somebody cried out. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just dropped in here..." Lady Blue caught a mutant firefly to get a closer look at her pond neighbor. It was a tentacled monster who quickly put her in his arms.
"Lookie here, I hadn't female company for years..." "Eeek!" Before Lady Blue could say anything more, she was already tied up in tentacles. Tentacles around her arms, around her legs, in her mouth, up her ass, in her cunt, sucking her clit... "MMMMPH! MMMH! OMMM! OOO! AAA!!" Firmer and firmer the tentacles closed their grip around her, and the squirming inside her cunt was unbearable... Lady Blue had the orgasm of her lifetime. Her cervix opened to receive a truckload of monster-cum. The she passed out.
Do monsters practice birth-control? No way!

"Hello Henchboy, I hope you weren't feeling lonely! Ah, such a stupid big boss of yours, choosing FUCK as a master password! But we don't want to talk bad about freshly deceased persons, do we?" "Ma'am, I will be a nice boy if..." "You will be history, that's what you'll be!"
Agent 006 gave the ladder a kick. She should have paid notice to the loose loop more closely, because when the ladder went falling into the abyss, the loop inadvertly caught her left foot...
"Aaaagh!" "Aaaagh!" Kersplosh! Kersplosh!
"My, my, when it rains, it pours! Bleech, a male!" A strong tentacle skyrocketed the ladder with the squealing Henchboy out of the pond, and through the secret door into the weapon chamber. The door was closed, naturally. Poor Henchboy. We leave him broken-hearted and broken-legged and go back to the main show...
"Ah, at last some orifices for the other half of my tentacles!" Agent 006 had some seconds to ponder why the voice sounded so familiar. Then the tentacles were on her. "MMMMPH! MMMH! OMMM! OOO! AAA!!" "Hey, do you females make your orgasm squeals by Copy&Paste? "Oh. UM! YesyesyesRHALOVELY!!" "
The monster shot Agent 006's share of monster-cum into her too. She fainted, completely satisfied. Lady Blue had awaken in the meantime, was quickly given another tentacle treatment and fell back into darkness. Then Agent 006 awoke...and then Lady Blue...and then they orgasmed in simultane...
"Hey, I could do this all night long!" The mutant firefly stepped over Agent 006's face, lighting some faded memory in the mind of the monster. "Agent 006?" Slowly, Ex-Agent 69 released his grip on the exasperated girls.
Will this be a family reunion? Pah!

"Make my day, punk!" A heavy bandaged and heavy-armored Henchboy came bungeejumping into the pond, drew a BFG9000, blew the monster to pieces, cried "You all have been shoving me around to much, you bastaaaaaaa...", went upwards again, in his anger overstepping the law of energy conservation, slingshotted into another room, broke the rest of his bones, and decided to quit the villian business and become zoo keeper in the crocodile pit, the job being utmost safer.
"Oh no, you idiot!" Agent 006 cried out. "I could have orgasmed for the rest of my life!" "Don't panic, girl. Supply is on the way. Oooh! Do you, by chance, have experience...nnngh! midwifing?"
Five minutes later, both girls were proud mothers of a baby monster. Ten minutes later, the monsters were full-grown. (Wonders of breastfeeding. The WHO recommends.) Fifteen minutes later they had swapped monsters and were in state of permanent orgasm again. And if they hadn't died a most pleasant death in the meantime, they were cumming ever happily after.

The End?