Agent 006b - The Suquel

"I'm asking you this only once: Where - is - my - twin - sister?"
"And I'm only answering once: That's - a - secret!"
S wasn't the most talkative director. He was really stunned when the long missing in action Agent 006 went straight into his ori... ups, I mean his office - just that it wasn't her. Of course he could have told her that none of his agents found even a trace of her twin who went to stamp out Lady Blue's heinous attempts for world domination. But what was the point of a secret service if not keeping everything secret? Moreover, maybe she might succeed where all his agents had failed.
"OK, perhaps I can do something for you. Here is a document saying you are Agent 006b and working for us. You might try first in the Unlucky 13 nightclub which is a well-known place for villains to hang around."

Agent 006b immediately found the right persons - or better, they found her. After a slight collision with a chloroform bottle, she awoke inside some weird contraption, to be questioned by a vengeful-looking woman.
"But I am not Agent 006! I am her twin sister!"
"This is the most ridiculous attempt to talk oneself out of my ingenious death trap that I ever heard! Now, for the last time: Where is Lady Blue?"
"I don't even know who that Lady Blue is, dammit!"
"Lady Blue is the twin sister of me, Lady Pink, dominatrix and world conqueress continuing where you stopped her, Agent 006!"
"But I am not..." "Am too!" "Am not!" "Am too, too, too! Bah, I have enough of this fruitless discussion! I have to go to the, I mean Office for Lost Villains and file a search. Henchuncle, pull the main switch!"

"Henchuncle do this, Henchuncle do that! Oh, I hate my job! Should have heard of the warnings of my little nephew. Thought giving up the job as a warden of the local zoo's crocodile pit and going into the villain business would be a step upward. Oh, and I just realize that Ye Pink Airhead forgot the utmost important thing: to explain her ingenious death trap. Now I have to do that either. See, Agent 006..."
"...this vibrator V is connected to your pussy P, and your love juices J will slowly drip down to fill the sealed tube T you are locked in until you drown in your own juices. After all you are a Secret Agent. Get it? Secret!"
"Good. At least one who appreciates my humor. Now I have to leave you alone. The last fight here brought down the house, literally, and I must clear the entrances to some rooms. The pit is completely blocked off, and what would be a hideout without a nice clean pit to dump the victims? Pah, this is a janitor job for someone who should have made a career in sciences. What good is it that I speak seven languages fluently and know the greek alphabet from first to last letter..." "A! O!" " too? Oh what a waste." He went off exit left, continuing his grumbling monologue.

"Henchuncle? Is the pit blubboink!"
Agent 006b snickered at the awaking Lady Pink, who was securely bound and gagged. "I admit that the classic bucket-o-water isn't comparable to the advanced technology you use, but it surely fulfils its purpose. Especially if the bucket falls down too. Oh, you want to know how I escaped your ingenious trap?" "MPFMPF!"
"Easy. When the level was already over my nose, the lack of oxygen made me cum so hard that the hydrostatic pressure building up in the sealed tube made it burst. I guess Henchuncle shouldn't buy the cheapest containers." "MPF%&$!"
"I don't think so. Last time I heard him grumbling he wanted to go to the supermall getting some dangerous chemicals - I guess he'll be away some time. Now will you tell me what you have done to my twin sister? And where did you put my clothes? Yours won't fit me!" "MMMMF!"
"So you don't tell me. OK, it's your funeral. Say hello to Mr.Pit!" Two naked women exited left to the hidden entrance that Henchuncle had cleared in the meantime.

Agent 006b ripped the duct tape from Lady Pink's mouth. "Some last words?" "Behind you!" "Now this is the most ridiculous attempt to talk oneself out of the justified punishment for ones evil deeds."
Shove! "Aaaah!" "Aaaah!" "J'adoube! Ladies, did I bump into you? Oh, how awkward of me!"
Splash! Splash! "I hope that didn't hurt. Now I am taking over the world. Haa! Haa!"
(It was clear that somebody who couldn't even laugh some decent villain laugh would have a most tragic fate, and indeed, the next day Henchuncle was eaten by a mutant iguana which had escaped from the local zoo. But that is hardly relevant for this story.)

"Ha! The ties went loose in the mudwater! Now I'll kill you with my bare hands, Agent 006!" "For the last time..."
Agent 006b and Lady Pink engaged in a catfight, but just when they had reached a most promising 69 position, suddenly tentacles leashed out of the water and tied them together. Quickly, the tentacles filled their offi... damn, this time I mean orifices... and distracted them from any other thoughts than animalic lust.
Another tentaclemonster showed up on the scene, who help captive a pair of women that was indistinguishable from the first. Being nice monsters (after all, if you read the preceding part of this story carefully, one monster held his aunt and his half-cousine and the other...or waitaminit, was it the mother-in-law-second-removed-and... aw bugger, incest gets relatively complicated. Forget it.) they stopped their orgasm-torment for a little while to allow a happy family reunion.
"Sister! (pant) I thought you were dead!" "Sister! (wheeze) Everybody thought I were you!"
"OH!" "OH!" "OH!" "OH!"
OK, that had been a short break, I admit, but tentacle monsters aren't exactly the sentimental type.

And since, as you surely know from the film Barbarella, it's rather hard to kill a woman by eternal orgasm, and since tentacle monsters are magical creatures who, of course, have ways to prevent that their victims simply die of old age like any human, the four happy girls will hopefully be cumming for all eternity until hell freezes over.
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