Prisoners of the Spiderwomen

"This forest is giving me the creeps! Do you think it was such a good idea to come here?"
"So, actually, not. I also simply could have gone to your father and said, 'Oh Majesty Grump the 1st&Only, Proud Ruler of the Kingdom of Speckles, I'd like the hand of your daughter Bodleia. I love her and she loves me.' And then your dad surely would have answered: 'So there, young lad Higgs, but she is already promised to Prince Doofus the Impotent for geostrategical reasons. So do you have any further-reaching qualifications? Like being a war hero? Slaying a dragon?' And I'd have to admit: 'Hmmm, I won a bar brawl against all three of the Inbredde Cousins, and I foundle cow tits on a regular basis. Does that count?' And Dad will decree: 'Young lad, I fear your qualifications are not sufficient for such high a position, but I could marry you with the Hangmans Daughter, who also has a very well-formed curvature.' No, actually it was a BRILLIANT idea to run off into the Staythefuckout Forest, since nobody will follow us here, dear Princess."
"It's NOT called Stayandfuckin Forest for a reason, Higgs! All those stories about monsters, I could swear I can hear a giggling MMMMMPF!"
"Higgs! It's bad manners to cut off the big speech of a Princess by kissing her!" (Bet you thought a monster just got her? My, my, you readers are so predictable...)
"My excuses, Your Highness. I should have used my incredibly large dick for that purpose, so that you don't keep on talking at the edges!" Higgs snickered and began to undress Bodleia. The Princess feigned some regal resistance but soon, the two were stark naked. (The Biggus Dickus, as usual, was a Biggus Boastus.)
"I still could swear I can here someone giggling. Ah, it's probably about the size of your wiener which doesn't quite match the description you gave!" Bodleia taunted.
"Aw sod it. Give an inch, take an inch, it's absolutely sufficient to make you scream for mercy. Wait, now I too can hear some gig..."

Higgs' plans to deflorate the Princess were cut short brutally by two figures falling out of the trees above them. Bodleia was caught with a scoop net and Higgs with some lassos. They pedalled and squirmed but to no avail.
"A really heartwarming story. Yurikemo, DO we have hearts?" "Look it up in the Wiki, Tachigelosa! Of course we do!" "Whatever. As you can see, we are insect girls..." "Tachi, how often do I have to tell you that spiders are no insects! And don't call me girl! We. Are. Spiderwomen!" "Spider, schmider. Would you now quit squiggling? A human has no chance in hand-to-hand combat against a Arachnida. Was THAT correct, Yuri?" "Yes, although Aranea is more precise." "Oh, thaa-AAnks. Not even to mention that we have double as many hands. So hold still while I bite you." Tachi opened her mouth to show some cute tiny fangs which were razor-sharp nonetheless and easily cut into the jugular of Higgs.
"I say", Tachi elucidated, "of course this means I could drink your blood like an ordinary vampire would, but you have so few litres of it and all the more, it tastes like yucky AB+. By now you should feel that your balls have swollen to football size. Way cool venom, eh? You should thank me, even your tiny sausage is more like the size you always wanted." Higgs just stared in panic. In the meantime, Yuri began to nibble on Bodleias big toe, while Tachi ranted on. "Ha, admit, you always dreamed of pumping a cum tsunami into the throat of your fair Bodleia. Well, she would have become a drowned Bodleia in short time, I fear. I, on the other hand, have some trichines." "SLURP! Tracheas! SLURP!" Unperturbed by Yuris correction, Tachi gulped down Higgs' dick, locked it firmly deep in her throat with some organs even Wiki doesn't know of, and began to milk it. Judging by his grunts, Higgs probably enjoyed it, but males are always easy to please. The venom now also had affected the Princess, and Yuri gave her own great speech.

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"Hey, don't turn so pale. It's not killing you. Just paralyzing a bit. You have to stay awake for the interesting part. What are you staring at so wide-eyed, my princess? That's my ovipositor, silly. Have you thought I'm a futanari? Ah, always those pervert ideas from Japan. You should be very wet now, that's the other effect. Because spiders can only digest liquid food."
And with that Yuri put her head between Bodleias thighs, gently deflorated her with her fingers and began to drink her love juices. Her long tongue tormented the clit of the Princess, who could only writhe in horror and utter little screams for mercy when she had one orgasm after the other. "I suggest you lie back, think of Speckles and, most of all, enjoy."

clop clop
"SLURP! Tachi, did you hear that?" "MMFGLMHHH!"
"You can't talk with a dick in your throat, sister!"
"PFT. And I said you can't hear anything when the princess squeals so loud!"
"Right. The poor thing will get a completely sore throat. Here, have some silken gag." "AAAMMMPFFMMMMMH!"
Clop Clop Clop
"Yes, now I hear it too!"
"Those are all the kings horses and all the kings men!" Higgs interjected, somewhat breathless and five kilograms lighter by now. "They come searching for the Princess! HEEERE! We are being abused by raepspiders! Ha! Now let's see how good you hand-to-hand-combat longbows and crossbows! HEEERE!"
"Sister, you should have gagged her earlier, her orgasmic screams have attracted the whole kingdom!"
"Well, Onanee-sama, and who forgot to shut up HER partner?"
"He should have the least interest to be found..."
"Uhm, now that I think about it further...gasp...TURN AROUND! There is absolutely nobody HEEERE!"
"Tachi..." "Yes, Yuri?" "Those are not all the kings horses and all the kings men. Those are the readers, fapping."
"You ecchis!" "You hentais!" "Go read something else!" "Or at least tell Shokoshu, who has a writers block, how the story shall end!" "Well, I say we suck them dry until they are empty husks." "MMMMHMMMFF!" "Tachi, you are always so bloodthirsty. We let them go. As if they will tell anybody." "Remember you took her maidenhood? Oh no. Guess what happens when she returns into Speckles and has to explain that part. They are both toast anyway. And my ovipositor here has a giant boner. Princess, I say you'll become the mother of my young. OK, they'll eat you alive when they hatch, but my sister and I are, technically, Spider princesses and so you give your life birthing a royal. Happens all the time in fairy tales..." "Tachi, CUT IT OUT!! Reader, you want a happy end, right?"

Not the End Ending A Ending B