PROJECT A-KO: Tentacled Fancies

by T.C. Shanahan

Disclaimers: I do not own A-ko Megami, C-ko Kotobuki, or B-ko Daitokuji; they are owned by Soenshi/Final-Nijishima (I hope I got that right). Nor is the fictional institution Graviton High mine.

Dr. Cassandra Baker, Kaito, and the rest, OTOH, are mine and if you steal them, I'll throw you to the octopoids. Just kidding.

And now, on with the story...

It all started when the three -kos graduated from Graviton High and went to college. A-ko and B-ko had called a truce to their fighting, A-ko because she didn't like fighting even for a good reason and B-ko because it interfered with her studies. Unfortunately, all who knew either side of this conflict knew it couldn't last. What they didn't know would be the reason why...
On the first day of biology class, the students were introduced to their teacher, Dr. Cassandra Baker, a blonde, leggy, enormous-breasted young woman who seemed to be in her twenties. "All right, class, now here's a quick course outline," she chirped. "We're first going to go into the origin of life on earth. If this goes against anyone's religious beliefs, well, you'll just have to grin and bear it."
Everyone in class laughed, everyone except A-ko and C-ko, neither of whom got the joke, and B-ko, who was too busy staring at the voluptuous doctor.
She's perfect! realized B-ko. She's like C-ko, only smarter and more mature! Oh, she's so beautiful, I just love her! And I think I know how to breeze through this class...

After class, Dr. Baker was straightening up her desk when B-ko entered her office. "Dr. Baker," B-ko began, "I'm having a little trouble comprehending something in my texts." She opened her book to a page and gestured. "To be more precise, I'm having trouble with this part here." She made sure to hunch over her book so that her posture would flash as much cleavage as possible.
That got Dr. Baker's attention, all right. She stared at B-ko's breasts, which were quite firm and of a pleasing size, if not as big as her own. Then Dr. Baker rolled her head back upward. "B-ko Daitokuji," she said in a chiding tone, "are you trying to seduce me?"
B-ko's face turned red at this, and she sprouted a sweatdrop of nervous embarassment. Was she that transparent?
Then Dr. Baker's expression became quite lecherous. "Wanna see how an expert does it?" Before B-ko could say a word, Dr. Baker fastened two moist, soft, strawberry lips to B-ko's own. B-ko's lips felt tingly and her face flushed even more as her beautiful teacher's kiss turned her on. The lovely doctor broke off the kiss, leaving B-ko wanting more.
"That was incredible!" B-ko gasped. "How else does an expert..."
"Hold it," said Dr. Baker. She went to the door and locked it. "Now they'll think I'm at a meeting."
B-ko then felt the doctor's mouth on her neck, kissing it, sucking and lightly biting it. Dr. Baker began to undo B-ko's conservative jacket and blouse, and an extremely horny B-ko was helping to unbutton it.
The doctor moved to B-ko's left breast and began to suck on it. B-ko gasped as Dr. Baker's tongue skillfully manipulated the nipple, even as her left hand moved to the right nipple and her right hand caressed B-ko's bottom. The doctor's hands started to undo B-ko's skirt.
"Dr. Baker...oh my're wonderful," B-ko moaned.
Dr. Baker paused, smiling. "Dear, sweet B-ko, I'm just getting started. And me Cassandra."
"Cas...san...draaa," B-ko whispered as her teacher continued to "milk" the blue-haired beauty's tits, and began to rub her cleft. To her wonder and amazement, B-ko felt herself reaching orgasm. "Ca...Cassandra...I'm gonna..."
Cassandra smiled, removing her hand to lick the moisture there. Then, not wanting to leave her prize pupil unsatisfied, she licked B-ko's body down to her muff and began to tongue her, even as both hands played with B-ko's tits. B-ko began to feel the most fantastic orgasm of her life and she bucked, gasping with arousal and excitement.
"Ohgod-gasp-Cassandra-gasp-I'm gonnaaaaa--"
Cassandra's tongue became a blur as she lapped up more of B-ko's sweet honey. Her delicate fingers made circles around B-ko's aroused nipples and then she sucked deeper and reached B-ko's clitoris.
B-ko came!
"--aaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" screamed the beautiful genius as her body detonated into the most wonderful climax of her life. Golden fire spread through her loins and her breasts, and she convulsed violently over and over as she came repeatedly. Cassandra greedily devoured the cum that flowed from B-ko's clit like a horror movie vampire sucking the blood from a victim's neck.
A full minute later, B-ko finally relaxed enough to speak. "Oh God...Cassandra...that was beautiful...oh God..."
"Your turn," smiled Cassandra. B-ko hornily moved to obey, slipping her lovely teacher the tongue. She could tasted herself in her teacher's mouth, and the sensation was arousing as their tongues moved like dueling pythons. Eagerly, B-ko moved her head to her teacher's right breast and sucked. The milk that came from the nipple was the most delicious nectar B-ko had ever tasted, and she fed greedily like a starved kitten. Even after drinking her fill, she felt like she couldn't get enough, like the stuff was addictive! And...did her breasts actually get bigger??
"Wait'll yo see how my pussy tastes," smiled Cassandra, as she undid her skirt and panties. B-ko began to tongue the doctor's slit and, yes, it was delicious. B-ko hungrily devoured the addictive cum, never wanting it to stop. Soon, she was brought to a sort of empathic orgasm as Cassandra writhed in ecstasy over and over and over, wave after wave washing through both their minds.
When it was all over, they both lay on the floor, naked and slightly cum-stained. B-ko looked down at herself. Whatever was in Cassandra's fluids had enhanced B-ko's physique, making it quite similar to her teacher/lover.
"That was incredible!" exclaimed B-ko happily. "I've never felt such an experience in all my life!"
"And that was just a taste," smiled Cassandra. "Get dressed and I'll show you some real fun."
They got dressed and went to Cassandra's car, where they drove to her house.

"I'm hooome!" chirped Cassandra.
"Cassandra?" asked a male-sounding voice. It was big and somehow inhuman. "Is that you?"
"Well, who else could it be, studly?" cooed Cassandra.
The voice chuckled. "You got me there."
"And I brought a friend over for fun and games," she added. She turned to B-ko and said, "C'mon, let me show you to Kaito."
She opened a door and led B-ko down to the cellar. B-ko caught a whiff of something. Some sort of incense?...
Cassandra led B-ko down the stairs to a strange room. It was decorated with pillows and silks, like a harem from the Arabian Nights. It was lit by lava lamps and small lights meant to provide some sort of mood lighting. In the middle of the room was some kind of dais, and on it coiled...
"Kaito," Cassandra gestured, "this is B-ko, a student of mine from the college. B-ko, this is my husband Kaito."
B-ko gasped. Kaito was a purplish demonic creature with a humanoid face and torso and, in place of legs, a tail like a snake or slug. Some tentacles were in the place of arms, and others extended from its belly and groin. It even had horn-tendrils protruding from its forehead.
Kaito neared B-ko. "Well, well," he smirked, "brought our work home with us, didn't we?"
"Mmm-hmm," smiled Cassandra. "But I've had enough of work for now. Now it's time for play."
"You mean...?" B-ko asked uncertainly.
Cassandra nodded, then embraced B-ko and kissed her full on the lips. A familiar warmth filled B-ko's face, and her crotch started getting warm as well. B-ko found herself returning the kiss, as the two women stroked and fondled each other.
Kaito reached out his tentacles, and began to fondle his very pretty wife. "Your timing is fantastic," marveled Cassandra as Kaito gently pulled her away. More tentacles wrapped around B-ko's arms and legs. She noted the strength they contained, but they weren't crushing her, merely holding her to be lifted.
"Wh-what are you doing?" wondered B-ko nervously.
"Guess," smiled Kaito as the tendrils surrounding her arms then continued to slither across them until each one reached a breast and began fondling it. B-ko's tits immediately caught fire. "Oh, my god," she gasped as her nipples stood out. Kaito's smile broadened with lechery as the members holding her legs slid up her thighs. The one holding the right leg entered her vagina; the other slid over it and entered her asshole.
B-ko exploded!
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed. Then even louder, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The joy which Cassandra had subjected her to before was multiplied a hundredfold! Her pussy thrummed at supersonic speeds and her ass responded to the anal action she received with all the force it could muster.
Normal orgasms come and go (Ed. note: bad pun, I know), but this was only the beginning. Each tentacle went as far up its specific orifice as it could go, lubricating the entire thing. Soon the tentacle in her pussy had flowed through her cervix like gelatin and entered her womb, and the anal one was probing her colon. The sensations overloaded B-ko's nervous system and everything, sanity, memory, intellect, identity, even consciousness was whited out, and B-ko was aware only of infinite pleasure.
Cassandra Baker enjoyed a similar experience. Nothing human could survive this, but then again the good doctor was no longer human.
Soon, B-ko wouldn't be either.

Later, as Kaito lay back and his two loving, addicted slaves licked tasy, nourishing love-slime from his tentacles, Cassandra smiled and said, "Isn't this wonderful?"
"Why, yes," said B-ko happily. "I know a few people who might enjoy this."
Like a certain red-haired little bitch who stands between me and C-ko, she added mentally. Just because they had a truce and couldn't physically fight anymore, didn't mean there couldn't be conspiracies...