PROJECT A-KO: Tentacled Fancies part 2

by T.C. Shanahan

Same disclaimers as last time: I do not own A-ko Megami, C-ko Kotobuki, or B-ko Daitokuji; they are owned by Soenshi/Final-Nijishima (I hope I got that right). Dr. Cassandra Baker, Kaito, and the rest, OTOH, *are* mine and if you steal them A-ko's going to your place and rearranging your spine.

LAST TIME: A-, B-, and C-ko have graduated and gone on to college. B-ko, in an attempt to breeze through her biology class, attempted the lesbian seduction of her teacher, Dr. Cassandra Baker (whom we last saw in Tentacle Your Fancy, a spoof of tentacle anime by yours truly).
The seduction backfired, and B-ko became the willing sex slave of Cassandra and her "husband", a grotesque (but fine wit' da ladies) mutant named Kaito. B-ko now plans to create a harem of similar willing slaves for her masters, starting with a certain super-strong redhead...

B-ko returned to the co-ed dorm she shared with the other -kos. She had to leave her blouse unbuttoned, since it no longer fit her now-enormous breasts.
A-ko noticed the change at once. "B-ko?" she asked. "What happened to you?"
"Did you have an operation or something?" asked C-ko.
"You noticed," B-ko smiled. Then she seemed to regain her composure. "I, ah, seem to be having a reaction to something I ate at the school cafeteria."
"Oh," frowned A-ko. Something wasn't right.
Suddenly, B-ko whipped out what looked like a can of mace. She sprayed the stuff in A-ko's face! "AAAGH!" A-ko shrieked. Then she angrily rounded on B-ko. "B-ko, if you're trying to be funny, I...I'm...gonna..."
Too late, the knockout spray was working. B-ko quickly shpritzed C-ko with it, and soon both women were out. Whistling nonchalantly, B-ko carried them down the stairs, explaining that her friends "partied too hard last night."

Later, she was back in the basement. She had stripped the unconscious bodies nude and placed them before Kaito like a Satanist offering a human sacrifice.
"Not bad," smiled Kaito. He wrapped his tentacles around the two women and began stimulating their erogenous zones as he had done before.
"They'll do nicely," smiled Cassandra approvingly. "Come,'s time you earned a reward.
Love and lust shone in B-ko's eyes as she began removing her clothes. When she had stripped fully nude, Cassandra gently maneuvered her onto a harem cushion. B-ko reclined, luxuriating in the softness and comfort.
Cassandra sat on B-ko's face, and the blue-haired beauty licked at Cassandra's pussy, reveling in the salty-sweet taste. From B-ko's perspective, Cassandra loomed over her like a goddess, bathed in the halo of the love-lights, and B-ko worshipped Cassandra with all her heart. Cassandra reached orgasm over her lover's ministrations, and B-ko devoured her mistress's love potion.
C-ko woke to the sensation of her breasts being stimulated by Kaito's tentacles. The feeling of warm wet snakes running over and under her breasts, and then stimulating her nipples, was incredibly erotic for some reason, and C-ko felt extremely happy at the electric feeling in her breasts and the hardening of her nipples. Then she felt two other tentacles reaching beneath her. One tentacle entered her vagina, pushng through her hymen in its semi-gelatinous state, and the other entered her ass.
C-ko felt mild pain for the briefest of instants, and then experienced ecstasy. Her channel was swiftly being plumbed by a speedy investigator, and electric shocks fired throughout her belly. The anal sensation was just as great, causing both cheeks and her colon to tingle. Her body writhed and spiraled toward greater and greater pleasure, and the sparks flared into golden fire as her entire body convulsed in its first - and most intense - orgasm ever.
A-ko was enjoying a similar experience. Any amount of good money would be paid to be brought to such a state, and yet A-ko realized that she was only at the plateau. This thing would have to conquer her incredible stamina to bring her to orgasm. And yet...that didn't seem like such a difficult task for this thing inside her. The sensations would not stop, and A-ko wondered if she truly wanted them to...
B-ko was now the one being penetrated, as Cassandra slid a slime-lubricated strap-on into the beautiful genius's cleft. Now that she was lying on her stomach, B-ko was in a better position to enjoy the spectacle of both her adversary and her object of desire being pleasured by Kaito's manipulations. Already, their breasts were enlarging, their bellies and hips ripening and filling out.
"Oh, Kaito," she crooned invitingly.
"Yes, what is it?" Kaito asked.
"May I have C-ko, the blonde one, when you're done playing with her?"
"If you like," smiled Kaito.
"You and Cassandra can do what you like with the redhead," B-ko added.