PROJECT A-KO: Tentacled Fancies 3

by T.C. Shanahan

A-ko had never felt anything like this before. This tentacle had not only entered her vagina, but had easily slid all the way through the channel beyond her cervix and into her womb. Such a thing should have been painful, but this thing was so malleable and lubricated that it simply oozed through the cervix.
Indeed, this was not only painless but felt wonderful. Golden flame flowed throughout her entire body, paralyzing but also filling with the most wonderful warmth, and the very center of her being was white-hot with ecstasy.
Her ass was receiving a similar treatment. The tentacle up there was teasing and tickling her colon and made her buttocks tingle deliciously. Even her breasts were enjoying the sensation of the tentacles sliding against them, arousing the nipples into sharp white points of ecstasy.
She felt a hand caress her cheek, and gasped. Any contact with her skin at this point only heightened this already godlike orgasm. She turned her face to see Cassandra, who was undergoing similar manipulations at the "hands" of Kaito.
"You feel really good, don't you, A-ko?" inquired Cassandra.
"Uh...huh," A-ko managed to breathe out.
Cassandra smiled sweetly. "But I think I know how to make it feel even better."
"B...better?" A-ko managed to murmur. How could anything feel more wonderful than this?
Cassandra nodded. "Like this." She moved her body so that she was lying directly on top of A-ko. The super-orgasm A-ko was already feeling flared in intensity at this full-on contact. The white-hotness in her nipples, reproductive organs and ass flowed into the rest of her body, turning the golden fire white.
A-ko screamed as her body violently convulsed with sensation. Her mind shut down all sensory input to make room for this delight. Even memory was pushed aside, and her consciousness knew only infinite pleasure, more than even her mind could bear, although her body was gaining a tolerance for it.
Cassandra's eyes slid shut and her mouth became a smiling rictus of joy as she, too, felt gold-white light fill her. Unlike A-ko, she was capable of some movement, just enough to grind her crotch against the beautiful redhead's, and to rub their nipples together. This caused her to finally spasm in paralytic pleasure.
*I love you, beautiful A-ko,* was the last thought in her mind.

B-ko was also introducing C-ko to the art of pleasure. Taking a strap-on dildo, she rubbed the penile end in Kaito's slime, lubricating it. She also moistened where it would meet her own crotch and pussy.
" it gonna hurt, B-ko?" C-ko asked fearfully.
B-ko smiled seductively. "On the contrary,'ll feel so good, you'll pray for more. Now be a good girl and spread your legs."
C-ko obeyed nervously. Strapping on the dildo, B-ko slid the dildo into C-ko's vagina. The perky blonde gasped at the sensation. B-ko began to move the dildo in and out smoothly and rhythmically.
"Ohh, B-ko..." moaned C-ko lustfully as she closed her eyes. She reopened them to find her breasts being fondled by her beloved B-ko. (Ed. note: Now that's a tongue-twister! :])
"Now do the same thing with my breasts, C-ko," instructed B-ko. C-ko reached her hands upward and began playing with the blue-haired beauty's tits.
B-ko smiled. "Mmm, C-ko, that's good."
C-ko found B-ko's left breast touching her mouth. Curiously, C-ko licked it.
B-ko gasped. "Ohh, C-ko...that feels *good.*"
Encoouraged, C-ko licked the breast some more. B-ko stopped her own sex-play long enough to move the nipple where C-ko could see it. "Suck this, my sweet, beautiful C-ko," she panted.
C-ko moved to obey, taking as much of the nipple into her mouth as she could. B-ko gasped from the contact and began to hump harder, faster. C-ko gasped, too, then began to suck the breast with renewed gusto. B-ko's hips began to thrust and gyrate of their own accord, her excitement and passion rising. C-ko's own body began to writhe and squirm with pleasure. Suddenly, B-ko's hips thrust one more time and both women screamed with rapture as they came, their juices flowing outward to meet the juices lubricating the instrument of their pleasure.
Panting, B-ko said, " can stop...sucking my tits now, C-ko."
But the cute blonde had already stopped, having blissfully blacked out; her mouth was wide open, and her eyes were closed.
B-ko moved her massive breast out of C-ko's mouth and sighed. "Hell of an experience," she admitted, taking off the dildo. "But God, I'm wiped out. I'd better take a nap before I...pass out...t-too."
She laid her head on C-ko's breasts and fell asleep to the sound of her breathing.

*Awww, how sweet,* Kaito smiled, watching B-ko and C-ko. *They're sleeping like babies.*
He looked toward Cassandra and A-ko. Neither woman looked like she was going to stop this "joy-ride" anytime this century.
Kaito lay back. Although he wasn't as fond of this harem idea as his dad had been, he liked seeing Cassandra happy...and Cassandra looked like she was going to be *permanently* happy.
Then he heard the phone ring. He picked it up and checked the digital read-out. He recognized the number right away: it was an international call, from his parents.
He put the phone to his ear. "Moshi-moshi," he said, a traditional Japanese phone greeting.
"Kaito?" asked an inhuman voice.
"Hi, dad," said Kaito.
"Hiya, son," said Brian. "How's it going?"
"Not bad," said Kaito. "Cassandra and me are doin' great."
"That's nice to hear," said Brian. "Achika would like to see you, and so would your half-brother Ernie."
"That'd be neat," smiled Kaito. "How *is* Ern, anyway?"
"He's starring in low-budget horror movies," said Brian. "The amusing thing is, with him, the effects look a lot better than they actually are...and I gotta wonder, are the victims *really* that nervous around him, or is their acting that good?"
Kaito laughed. "So, when d'ya want to come over?"
"Sometime this week sound good?" Brian suggested.
"Sure thing," Kaito chuckled. "See you then."

The plot is thickening! What will happen next? Will Brian approve of his son's love life? Will any of the -kos' parents catch on to what's happening to their daughters? Will somebody get hurt?

What do *you* think?