TENTACLE YOUR FANCY part 2 (prev.)

by T.C. Shanahan

Same warning as before.

It wasn't easy getting back to America. Brian kept having to tell every female at the airport that he was "not gonna fucking rape you!" His college buds insisted on getting a separate one-way flight because there was no fucking way they were going to sit with whatever Brian became. Brian began to wish he wasn't an atheist so he could thank God for giving him the foresight to buy a round-trip ticket to Japan, since his now-ex-friends weren't going to give him any cash.
It was even worse on the plane: the minute he got on board, everyone ran for the emergency exit, screaming about the Apocalypse or something. Well, at least he now had the whole plane to himself; but it was gonna be hell getting the stewardresses to serve him a meal without the fear of being tentacle-raped.
And the arrival...forget it. When someone finally worked up the courage to tell him to fasten his seatbelt, the problem was that he couldn't even fit in a seat anymore. He wound up having to wrap his tentacles around several seats and brace himself for the bump. Surprisingly it didn't hurt as much, since his new body was so much tougher.
The big problem came in getting off: his parents both had heart attacks, the airport emptied from panickers, and policemen kept trying to shoot him. The bullets bounced off his body, although whenever they hit his tentacles or his face they stung a bit. And speaking of his face, when he saw his reflection in the gleaming metal walls of the airport, what stared back was not his old, nerdy-looking face but a purple head with staring all-blue eyes with white slitted pupils, no nose, and a mouth full of fangs. Not even my face looks like me anymore, he realized, and promptly broke down and cried.

Eventually, he made his way home, which was all his now, just a big, lonely, empty building. He managed, with difficulty, to e-mail Achika on his progress. As for her end, however, the scientists were having difficulties trying to even analyze the slime she had collected from Brian. It had been a hassle trying to convince them the recordings from the security cameras were real and not some amateur sci-fi movie. Still, she tried to tell him to have hope that things would work out.
Brian was starting to have his doubts. "This, 'work out'?" he asked, looking down at himself.
Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ringing. Slithering his way downstairs, he made his way to the front door and asked, in as human a voice as he could manage, "Who's there?"
"It's me, Meryl," said a female voice.
"M-Meryl?" Brian gulped. Meryl was, in Brian's opinion anyway, the prettiest co-ed on campus. Red hair, bright green eyes, full lush lips, and oh yeah, a great rack. As for her opinion of Brian, he was "cute, but nothing special."
"D-don't come in!" Brian pleaded.
"Brian, I know all about what happened," Meryl said. "The trouble you caused for the plane industry was on CNN, not to mention the evening news. Oh, and the rest of the gang told me their side of it when I met them. I came over to see if I could help cheer you up."
"You can try," sighed Brian. Two of his arm-tentacles gently held the doorknob, pulled...and ripped the door loose violently.
"Sorry," said Brian. "I'm still learning how this stupid body works."
Meryl came into the foyer. She looked up at the new Brian. "My God, Brian...what the fuck happened to you?"
"Some kind of genetic engineering project," said Brian, making a motion as if trying to shrug no-longer-existent shoulders.
Meryl examined the tentacles. "Say, these look kinda like..."
"Yeah, I know," snapped Brian. "I made some stupid comment about wanting to look like a porno stud and..."
He felt a strange sensation on one of his dick-tentacles. He turned toward it and saw Meryl, slowly licking the "head" of one of his extra members. "Uh, Meryl? What the fuck are you doing?"
Meryl's ecstatic face changed as she realized what she was doing. "Oh!" she said, releasing the tentacle. "I'm sorry. It's just that I've been watching certain animes and..."
"You're into tentacle rape?" Brian wondered. "But I thought..."
Meryl nodded. "Tentacle non-rape scenes, where the woman is willing, are really rare," she explained. All the more reason I get turned on when they happen. It proves that the woman's enjoying the experience."
"And...do you...?" Brian wondered.
"Oh, yes," said Meryl. She was starting to get turned on. "Sometimes I fantasize..." She started touching herself.
"Details?" asked Brian, getting horny himself. His tentacles twitched with arousal. A small part of his mind wondered if he'd found Meryl all that attractive if he'd known about this particular fetish earlier, but all those quasi-hard-ons were distracting him.
"I'm walking down a street," Meryl began, rubing her crotch left hand as her right kneaded her left breast. "It's dark, and I'm the only person around. Suddenly I hear a sound...it's this creature, and all his tentacles are hungry...hungry for me. I try to run away--"
"But you can't!" Brian mock-gloated, letting out a "diabolical villain" laugh as four of his tentacles wrapped around Meryl's arms and legs, lifting her in the air. Meryl squealed with glee as Brian helped pull her clothes off. He lumbered back into his room, the delightedly helpless Meryl in tow.
As they got to the bed, Brian continued to play the part of the "demonic rapist" as he continued to strip the "helpless victim" Meryl out of her clothes. He shot forth another tentacle and slid it into her pussy. Meryl gasped loudly.
Brian slowed down for a second. "I'm not hurting you, am I?"
"Hell no," replied Meryl. "In fact, I've never felt anything so...well-lubricated before."
Brian smiled evilly. "Then get ready, babe, 'cause here comes his big brother, and he's coming through the back door!" Another limb slid into Meryl's anus frictionlessly. "Oh, my God," Meryl murmured before she started to gasp. As she started to buck and writhe, Brian smiled and completed the whole tentacle bondage thing by sliding a member into her mouth. Meryl's eyes shot open. "Crmmrrmph?" she mumbled.
"Huh?" Brian asked, pulling it out.
"I said...gasp...'calamari?'"
Brian smiled. "That doc thought of everything," he mused. Sticking his member back in, he reclined on the (now crushed beneath his weight) bed and enjoyed the effect Meryl's tight, moist places had on his new nervous system.
The feelings were mutual. Meryl had never been so...penetrated before. Her vagina waspenetrated to the back of her womb, and everything was tingling from the effect of Brian's slime. The same was true of her rear from buttocks to colon, and the tentacle in her mouth was the most delicious dick she'd ever tasted. Her feelings intensified and she spasmed, her hips thrusting, her body throbbing with ecstasy, and suddenly her body and mind exploded into the most powerful orgasm she'd ever known. It was heaven, more wonderful than any fantasy. (If I start singing a romantic ballad, you have permission to taser my ass).
Brian felt Meryl's body tighten, and he began to have a similar reaction. Every nerve in the tentacles pleasuring Meryl caught fire, a sensation that flowed back into his body and then throughout the tentacles that were otherwise unoccupied. Brian felt his body beginning to climax. Surprisingly, the unused tentacles seemed to merely "burble" out their cum, which then retreated back inside without much spillover, while the ones in use felt like a steady flow of mini-orgasms, one after the other.
Brian remembered an article by Larry Niven about Superman fucking Lois Lane, about how his strength would kill Lois when he climaxed. He then remembered the feats of superhuman strength he himself performed in this new body. Yet Meryl seemed to be surviving this experience. Some kind of subconscious mechanism to keep me from killing my dates? he wondered. Damn, that doctor did think of everything.
After the orgasms stopped, he gently laid Meryl on his body and extracted his tentacles in an almost gentlemanly fashion. After a few moments, Meryl recovered from her miraculous, prolonged orgasm.
"Whoo," she puffed, "that was amazing."
"Yeah," smiled Brian. They lay still for a few seconds, then Meryl pouted. "Crap, now I got a problem...what human could satisfy me now?"

TO BE CONTINUED (depending on the feedback I get)