by T.C. Shanahan

All prior warnings apply. NOTE: This story is going to be a little more poignant than the previous chapters. Hope it's not too heavy for you guys.

Meryl arrived at the house early. As she approached the door, she noticed that there was a piece of paper inserted into the doorknob. At first, she thought it was an ad for some landscaping service, but then she noticed the words "For Meryl" on it. She extricated (Now there's a big learnin'-type word!) the paper and began to read:

Dear Meryl:
Here's this message in case you didn't get my e-mail.
In an attempt to find a cure for my condition (as well as get a job and pay for bills, damages, etc.), I've gone to a medical research facility so doctors can study me. Who knows? Maybe they'll find a cure for cancer or something.
Here's the address in case you need me.

See you later, maybe,
P.S. Achika's coming over. Her plane should be landing at about noon.

"Oh, hell," said Meryl. She burst into tears and cried.

The doctor examining Brian was a real piece of work. Blonde hair, green eyes, tits that put a strain on the labcoat, a great ass under the skirt...she looked a lot more like a supermodel than a doctor.
"From what we can tell, Brian," said the beautiful doctor, "your genetic structure has undergone a complete overhaul. It now consists of some quite exotic, even alien DNA strands and chromosomes. The doctor who you say did this to you must've been in contact with Cthulhu(2) or something.
"Apparently, your new body's designed for multiple impregnation by 'linking' your unique genome with human chromosomal patterns,(3) leading to--"
"Wait, wait a minute," said Brian. "'Impregnation'? Are you saying I can impregnate humans?"
"Well, basically, yes," said the doctor. "Apparently, all your sperm-producing organs are located further into your body than is normally accessible."
"Meaning I can't be kicked in the nuts," Brian chuckled. "Cool." As the doctor put EKG electrodes on Brian's head, he asked, "So, what're you doing?"
"Running one final test," she said. "Namely, recording your sex response for comparison with the normal human sex response." With that, she kicked off her shoes.
"Cool," said Brian. Then, "Huh?!"
The doctor opened her coat and let her large, round, firm breasts break free. Before Brian could say a word, she had slipped off her skirt. "Now, Brian, if you wouldn't mind...?" With that, she struck a seductive pose.
All Brian's tentacles sprang to erection with a loud TWANG! "Hmmm, multiple choice, eh?" smiled the doctor. She reached over to a nearby table and turned on a nearby tape recorder. "Dr. Cassandra Baker, medical log six three three nine sixty-nine."(4) She smiled at the raunchy touch of "sixty-nine". "Preparing to gauge the patient's sexual response. The patient has been aroused and is ready."
She walked over to Brian's multiple dicks and took one to her cheek. "Preparing to heighten stimulation." With that, she began to deep-throat the member. It wasn't long before it came alive, writhing and flailing. Cassandra took the head out of her mouth and held the limb as steady as she could, running her hand against it. Brian closed his eyes and gave in to Cassandra's ministrations.
"The patient has been sufficiently stimulated," smiled Cassandra, "and is ready for phase two."
Phase two? thought Brian. She's not gonna...
Cassandra climbed aboard the cock she held, sliding it into her pussy. The silky vise of her vagina clamped down on the meaty tentacle, milking it. More of Brian's tentacles wrapped around Cassandra's body, holding her in place to avoid her from falling off, as well as arousing her breasts.
"The...the patient seems to be...whoo, that feels good...operating by instinct," Cassandra dictated. "The mating urge...is g...guiding his actions and--"
Suddenly, yet another tentacle snaked its way up Cassandra's ass and penetrated up to her colon. "Oh, my GOD!" Cassandra reacted, unbelieving the sensations she was experiencing. "The--the patient is up my ass! I can't believe it! The patient is...oh, God!"
"It's happening!" screamed Brian, about to explode completely.
Cassandra's words were grunted out one syllable at a time as she was rhythmically pumped. "The! Pa! Tient! Is! Up! My! Ass! And! It's! Ma! King! Me! CUM!"
Brian bellowed with orgasm as he exploded all over Cassandra. The pleasure center of her brain chose that moment to overload and she howled as climax after climax shook her, her nerve endings afire and her body throbbing and convulsing.
When it was all over, Cassandra tried desperately to regain her sense of dignity. "The, uh, hot stud, I mean, patient, has, uh, kinda, uhm, ah, the hell with it. Suffice to say that this is going to require more testing...a lot more testing."
She smiled wickedly as Brian passed out.

Achika stepped off the plane and walked down the corridor. At the end of it she saw Meryl holding up a sign with the katakana for Achika's full name.
"You're this Achika, right?" asked Meryl.
"Ohayo, Meryl-san," said Achika, bowing politely. "Brian-kun has told me a lot about you."
"And vice verse," acknowledged Meryl.
"Are you helping him come to terms with his problem?" asked Achika.
"Yeah, you could say that," smiled Meryl. Then her expression turned serious. "Which is why I gotta see him."
"Do you know where he is?" asked Achika.
"Yep," said Meryl. "Come on."

They arrived at the facility. At first the guard at the gate refused to let them in, but Achika flashed him her breasts, catching him off-guard long enough for Meryl to kayo him. Getting into the section where Brian was being held was easier; all they had to do was say that they were there to meet Brian. The guard led them to the theater of the room.
Once they were there, Meryl looked into the room. What she saw stunned her.
Dr. Cassandra "Casaba" Baker and a group of scientist-whores were still "experimenting" playfully with Brian's tentacles, experiencing orgasm after orgasm. Their bodies were covered with Brian's semen, and still they wanted more, rubbing the beautiful, delicious goo all over their breasts and pussies. Cassandra was still trying to dictate the results into the tape recorder, but was too "ecstatized" (for lack of a better word) to be coherent. "Patient...hot fucking stud...capacity...infinite orgasms...nerve endings...stud...cocks...fuck...cuuuummmm." A "seeing-God" expression was plastered all over her face, along with a lot of semen.
"BRIAN!" screamed Meryl. Her scream was loud enough to shatter the glass she leaned on, causing her to fall into the room. Brian whipped out a free tentacle, wrapped it around her waist, and caught her safely. As he gently lowered her to the ground, Meryl said, "Brian, I've got to speak with you."
"I'd ask if it could wait till later," said Brian, "but at the rate this debauched orgy is going, there's not gonna be a 'later'."
"Here goes," said Meryl. "I...I'm pregnant." She looked downward, the words nearly a whisper.
"That's interesting," said Brian. Then he screamed, "You're what?!" He was so shocked, his tentacles all detonated at once, then went limp. The doctors whined at first for their "toy" geting broken, but then started licking each other clean.
"I started to get morning sickness," Meryl explained. "At first I thought they were hangovers from all-nighters, but after the third morning I realized I had to go to a doctor. So I went, and...well, you know the rest."
"Is...is it mine?" Brian asked nervously.
"Let's put it this way," said Meryl. "The baby's got a tail instead of legs, eight tentacles where arms should be, and the reason my belly isn't bloated yet seems to be due to its malleability."
Brian fainted.

Meryl married Brian in a very weird church ceremony. No Catholic priest would touch such a "spawn of evil" with a ten-foot pole, so they had to hire a Goth to perform the ceremony. Meryl also wore Goth clothing, complete with nipple rings, in place of the traditional bridal veil and gown, and Brian, for decency's sake, wore gloves to hide his tenta-dicks.

Achika also married Brian, in a Shinto ceremony in her case. Akiko/Sun Girl took over the ceremony, and due to Shinto's emphasis on cleanliness and purity, Achika got married in the temple while Brian went behind it. After the "honeymoon" Achika was completely, happily numb from the neck down. Her boss at the sex club was angry at first at Achika for not getting any money for sleeping with a customer, but Achika just smiled and said, "Once you get married, you do it for free." The poor guy nearly had a heart attack! He even shouted, "I'm comin' to join you, Lizzie!" like on Sanford and Son.

The doctors/whores took to their roles of concubines with gusto, the harem thing being their idea along with Meryl's and Achika's. Brian smirked; obviously there were perks to being what he was now. Brian's house was not only repaired, but had additions built to accomodate his new "family".

Speaking of families, Meryl's baby was born without undue discomfort, simply by distending its malleable though solid body through her passage. In fact, Meryl commented, "Feels almost as good coming out as it did going in." Being a baby, it was kind of cute for a monster. Its tentacles did not end in penis-heads, but Brian realized that it would develop into such when it reached puberty.

The harem had a wild orgy to celebrate, with the concubines ravishing Meryl's "sacred place" one at a time while Achika and Brian watched, Brian humping Achika as he did so. Soon it would be Achika's turn for her sacred place to be worshipped. Having adapted to Brian's sexual chemistry through his genetically-altered cum, the harem developed a superhuman sexual endurance, enabling them to have uncountable orgasms all night long. It would also make them immortal...eternally young, beautiful, and horny.

And as the saying goes, they all lived happily (very happily!) ever after.