by T.C. Shanahan

All prior warnings apply.

It had been going on like this for a week. Meryl would wake up, eat her breakfast, go to work, go to Brian's place to check up on him (and have some fun in the process), go home, have supper, and go to bed.
Then on Friday she decided to just phone Brian. "Any word from Achika?"
"Actually, yes," Brian said. "She said she's found someone she thinks can help. That woman's gonna be coming over tomorrow on the plane."
"You don't sound all that happy about being cured," Meryl noted.
"Yeah," said Brian. "I'm kind of starting to like being what I am."
"I agree," said Meryl. "I'm getting kind of addicted to your orgasms myself." She sighed. "But I guess it's for the best. Well, tomorrow's Saturday, and I don't got work. I might as well meet her at the airport."

The next day, Meryl came to the house. "Brian, this is Akiko. Come on out, Akiko!"
Akiko nervously entered the room. She was a pretty Asian girl, looking like Achika except for being a few inches taller, having slightly lighter hair in a different style, and being dressed in Shinto robes. She held a staff in her left hand.
"Akiko, this is Brian, the guy I told you about. The one who needs your help."
One look at Brian and Akiko drew a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly she went into some kind of battle position. "Halt, monster!" she shouted in Japanese. "You face the champion of justice, the mighty Sun Girl!"
With that, she raised her staff into the air. "SUN MAGIC POWER!" she shouted in Japanese. The crystal ball atop the staff glowed with light, bathing Akiko in its radiance. As Akiko spun around like a ballerina, her normal clothing dissolved away, allowing Brian to catch a glimpse of her shapely figure before glittering dust from the glowing orb covered Akiko, transforming into a mini-kimono, hot pants, and knee-high leather boots, with a golden tiara on her head.
"What the fuck?!?" Meryl yelled. "What the hell is going on here?"
"I dunno," said Brian, "but I think we got the wrong kind of help."
"Prepare to be destroyed, demon!" shouted Sun Girl. "Ssooolaaarrr...BEEEEAMMMM!" A blinding beam of light hit Brian, stunning him. "Ahh! My eyes!" he yelled. "I can't see!"
"Hmm, that's funny," Sun Girl pondered. "You should have been disintegrated. Maybe a blast from the Solar Crown will..."
"Keep away from him, you psycho bitch!" shouted Meryl as she lurched at Sun Girl, knocking the superheroine down.
"So, you're the demon's mind-slave!" Sun Girl realized. "I should have known!"
"What'd she say?" Meryl asked. (Remember, Sun Girl's still speaking in Japanese.)
"Something about a 'mind-slave'," Brian said.
Sun Girl waved her magic staff. "Spirit...healing...POWER!" she shouted. Meryl was struck by a series of bright lights.
"Meryl!" shouted Brian.
But Meryl was completely unscathed by the attack. What was more, she realized that her sex-addiction was the side-effect of falling in love with Brian!
"And as for you, monster..." threatened Sun Girl, removing her tiara, as it turned into a flaming frisbee.
"NO!" screamed Meryl, leaping between Brian.
"Huh?" asked a confused Sun Girl, extinguishing her Solar Crown. "Didn't I spirit-heal you?"
"Brian!" begged Meryl. "Tell her she's making a mistake! I'm not a fuck-slave or whatever she called me!"
"I think she'll only believe that if you say it," said Brian.
"Hey, my Japanese isn't that good, remember?" argued Meryl.
Brian thought a minute. Then he asked Sun Girl, in Japanese, "Do you speak English? Her language?" He motioned to Meryl.
Sun Girl thought a minute, then said, "Here's something I can try. Soul Speech," she said, putting her hands on the ball of the staff. Then in English, or what sounded like it, she said, "Now I can speak in your language and understand you in mine."
"Wow, that's some kinda Swiss Army magic staff," mused Meryl. Then she read Sun Girl the riot act. "Look, Sailor Moon,(1) I'm not under this guy's mind control or whatever, OK? I really do love him! The whole reason I brought you here was to cure him of being a monster, not kill him! And I won't let you hurt him!"
"Then my only option" -- Sun Girl put down her staff -- "is to believe you."
"Really?" asked Meryl.
Sun Girl nodded. "Had you truly been a mind-slave, my spirit-healing would have cured you. Your continued defense of...of Brian here, must be the result of genuine emotions."
Then she sighed. "The problem is, how do I cleanse myself of the dishonor of having acted so rashly?"
Meryl and Brian shared a look. Then Meryl smiled and said, "I have an idea..."

So to make a long story short, that was why Meryl and Akiko lesbian-fucked one another atop Brian's tentacles at the same time he pumped them and their quivering pussies squeezed his dick right back. The two beauties kissed each other's tits and Frenched each other in the mouth as their tentacle-stuffed groins rubbed against each other. Brian felt his members detonating as Meryl and Akiko orgasmed against each other.
Finally the three of them packed it in for the night. Akiko leaned over to Brian and whispered something in his ear. The two of them chuckled.
"What'd she say?" asked Meryl.
"She wants to know if we can do this again sometime," Brian told her.
All three of them laughed.