ORGASM OLYMPIAD II: The Unofficial Sequel

by T.C. Shanahan

OK, first off, you gotta be legal age to read this (just to make sure, I suggest you be over 21).

Second, the main characters are not mine, they were originally created by Shokoshu. If Shokoshu wants to complain, he can e-mail me at
(Nah, he is too busy rolling on the floor laughing :-) - Shokoshu

Now, to get this puppy started:

Last time: In an effort to stall an alien invasion, Earth set a contest to see who could have the most orgasms within 24 hours.
The two contestants were the Japanese Lai Mi, who used an Inju (tentacled sex demon, as if you didn't know) to help her achieve multiple orgasm, and the American Jenny Fondle, who used as her own masturbatory aid a working replica of the famous Excessive Machine used by Duran Duran (no, not the '80s pop group) in Barbarella.
The loser's country would be the one invaded.

Unfortunately, both women achieved an equal number of 1,000 orgasms before the time expired, dooming the entire world to conquest. This story begins sometime thereafter:

Death, madness, and chaos ruled the streets. People ran for cover as alien spaceships leveled their cities. No innocent was spared. Let's face it, life sucked.

"This is all my fault," said Jenny Fondle as she stood outside the Excessive Machine.
"No, I am to blame," said Lai Mi sadly as her pet Inju bowed its head.
"OK, so it's your fault," said Jenny.
"What do you mean it's my fault, you little--" Mi began to object.
"Look, let's just forget it, OK?" asked Jenny.
They sighed. "So now what?" asked Mi.
Jenny sighed. "We originally got together to save the world from invasion. Maybe the reason we're still alive is because we're still meant to save the world." Stirring, inspirational music started to play as her mood perked up. "Yeah, that's it! We're the only ones who can save the world! We're destined to do it! We've been predestined to..."
Mi sighed and said, "Jenny, I'm Japanese, and I don't believe that shit. You're just so damn desperate for it all to mean anything, you're grasping at straws for some hokey explanation."
"Way to go, Lai," said Jenny sarcastically as the music deflated. "Squish my hopes a little more, why don'tcha?"
The Inju burbled. Lai Mi put her ear to it. "What's that, Shogo?...Really?....We can?... Well, I'll be...!"
"What?" asked Jenny. "What'd it say?"
"Shogo says," translated Lai Mi, "that being a demon, he could possess the Excessive Machine and turn it into an orgasm-powered super-spaceship that we can use to defeat the invading forces."
"That sounds a little trippy," pondered Jenny, "but what the hell! Anything to save the world."
So Shogo inserted his tentacles into the Excessive Machine's tubes and kinda, well...melted into the Machine, turning it purple.
Like a Japanese mecha, the Excessive Machine folded, spindled, and mutilated itself into a spaceship. By this time, Jenny and Lai Mi had stripped nude. Getting into the ship's cockpit, they found it a tight squeeze. The most comfortable position they could find was a 69.
Once they got comfortable, Jenny said, "Okay, so what next?"
Suddenly, bio-mechanical tentacles shot into the women's mouths, pussies, and asses. Jenny found herself thinking, That'll teach ME to ask a rhetorical question!
The tentacles in their mouths secreted delicious, salty-sweet demon cum over their tongues and down their throats.
At the same time, the tentacles snaking into their vaginas and assholes had vibrator-devices attached to their sides, buzzing inside them and exciting the hell out of them. The goal, of course, was to make them orgasm as fast, as hard, and as repeatedly as possible.
And it was working.
As Lai Mi came with a screech, and then Jenny squealed with pleasure, the Injumecha started to charge to full capacity. A hundred very powerful orgasms later, the Injumecha blasted off.
Both Lai Mi and Jenny shuddered with the ecstasy of cumming as hard as they did, and could not believe that they had not died of heart attacks. They were pulled away then, as the Injumecha changed shape, its shifting biological and mechanical components working to keep the women aroused.

1000 orgasms later, the Injumecha had flown into the invaders' territory. Its human fuel supply were being mutated by the magical properties of the slimy Inju cum they were now bathing in. They now resembled beauties from a Frank Frazetta painting.
(The women, you dumbasses.) Their bodies continued to buck atop phallic devices penetrating their rears and pussies, and their mouths proceeded to suck Inju cum. As they brushed against each other, they recovered long enough to embrace each other's beautiful body and to French-kiss each other, their tongues rolling like dueling anacondas before they kissed on the lips.
The Injumecha found itself surrounded by the invader ships. They surrounded it from all sides, preparing to invade. But then the Injumecha pulled off the "Death Blossom" move from The Last Starfighter. (Y'know, the part where the spaceship did all those 180s and 360s, blowing up the bad guys? Yeah, that part. That was so dudeical.) Anyway, once the invading forces saw what a hella pilot Shogo was, they cut and ran.

5000 orgasms or so later... Lai Mi and Jenny looked like characters from Wingbird comics. (If you've never read them, imagine hyper-voluptuous, anime-faced women with ginormous tits, curvy backs, and big, round butts.) They were nearly drowning in Inju cum, soaked in the stuff, and they couldn't care less.
"You're beautiful, Jenny!" cooed Lai Mi, an idiotic, vacuous expression on her face.
"So are you, Lai Mi!" squealed Jenny, an equally sex-addled look in her eyes... "I hope this never ends!"
"Me too!" sighed Lai Mi. They held each other tightly, the Inju cum splashing and spraying as their uncontrollably spasming bodies writhed and thrashed.
The Injumecha decided to continue on its flight, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going...ahh, you know the rest. And being a supernatural creature, it had ways of keeping its oversexed fuel supply young, alive, and perpetually orgasming. It would go forever, and they would cum forever. (Ha! Good one, huh? They would cum, screw it.)

Back on Earth, the news of the invading forces being repelled by Lai Mi, Jenny, and the Injumecha were broadcast all over the Earth.
"Are they ever gonna come back?" someone asked.
"Never," said a dignified-looking old man. He removed his hat, placed it on his chest, and said profoundly, "They belong to the universe now."
The people stared at him as they pondered this solemn intonation.
Then someone slugged him for being a ham.