Slime Studio

by Timothy Shanahan

Author's Notes: First off, this story is erotica. No one under 18 is allowed to read this.
Second off, this story is a "prequel" to Project A-ko: I Know What You're Doing This Summer. Some of the characters in that story were copyrighted characters from the "Project A-ko" anime series. They were not mine, and anyway, the story was just for fun.
This time around, the characters are mine, so without further ado...

The young woman sat in the center of the circle of protection, chanting the ancient syllables of power.
Slowly, smoke rose from the pentacle of summoning, as a sound like the wind howling howling and moaning filled the room.
"!" finished the chanting sorceress.
The smoke cleared. Now in the pentacle was a blood-red demon, shaped somewhat like a cross between an octopus and a slug.
You summoned me, it "spoke" to her. You know the pact.
"Yes," said the conjuress. She slid off the black robes, revealing black hair styled in a manner resembling a geisha atop a fair-featured face. The elegant neck led to round, firm shoulders and a body of considerable contours and proportions. The naked sorceress walked slowly towards the demon and embraced it, kissing it.
The demon's slimy tentacles surrounded her, caressing her body and exciting her mind. Two of them wrapped around her arms, while another two wrapped around her legs. With its supernatural strength, the demon easily lifted its willing victim.
"Mmmm...aaahhhhh,"she moaned softly as she stroked and caressed her left breast, while she spread her legs and slid her right arm toward her pussy. The tentacle holding her right leg snaked out some more and caressed the vagina, sliding in, while the one surrounding her left leg pushed up her asshole.
"Ahhh...aaahhh!" she squealed. The members holding her arms released their grip and started to caress and fondle her breasts, as she hugged her demon lover. Her body bucked as she began to gasp, quickly and rythmically. Suddenly, her body exploded with an orgasm as she climaxed.
"AAAAaahhhh!" she howled as she came.
"Great!" exclaimed a voice. "Cut and print!"
The lights came up, revealing that the whole room in which the ritual had been performed was a movie set. "Damn, that rocked!" said the speaker, a short, goateed man in sunglasses and a beret. "Okay, Toshiro, turn off the Orgasmatron before it kill Keiko."
"Hai, Yosho," said the nerdy-looking Toshiro. As he came towards the device, the head of the "demon" moved first to the left, then to the right. What? What...what is this??
"Quit screwing around, Goro," snapped Toshiro.

As Yosho walked off to smoke a cigarette, the phone rang. "Seal and Conchshell Studios, how may I help you?
"Yosho? It's me, Goro. I can't make it to the studio."
"Huh? Whaddya mean, 'you can't make it to the studio'?"
"I was in a car crash. I'm fine, but the Orgasmatron was ruined."
"What?!" exclaimed Yosho. "What are you talking about? We've already done the scene!"
"Already did the scene? How is that possible?"
"Are you putting me on? The Orgasmatron -- "
"Yosho, IT'S NOT ME!"

I know not what mad realm this is, said the demon's voice, but you'll not confine me here long!
"Cut it out, Goro," snapped Toshiro, getting annoyed. "Now where's the switch on -- "
The demon dropped Keiko, spun around, and backhanded Toshiro. As the special effects technician went flying from the force of the slap, the demon slithered over to the corner of the set. Be you demon hunters? it demanded. Or have I been summoned to a dimension of madmen?
"Holy shit," swore Keiko. "That's a real demon."
Panic and chaos reigned in the studio, with everyone running away, praying to whatever gods they could think of, or just wetting themselves, while the demon demanded answers. Eventually, Yosho yelled, "Everybody shut up!"
That stopped the madness. Calming down himself, Yosho went up to the demon and said, "Let's get a few things straight here..."

After a few explanations, they learned that the demon was named Tokoro, that the chanting had been an actual spell, and that Tokoro had been drawn to the sexual energy of Seal and Conchshell Studios. "A real, live demon...we could make some real money from this," said Yosho thoughtfully, rubbing his jaw.
"I'm not sure that's a good idea..." began Keiko.
I will render my services to you in anyway possible, said Tokoro.
"How do we know you're telling the truth?" demanded Keiko.
You are the conjurer, explained Tokoro, the one who has bound me to this plane.
"Which means you gotta obey me?" asked Keiko. She smiled. "Kewl. Okay, you can stay. You can even bring your friends, if you want. There's a few rules, though. Number one, no raping a woman until that camera light" -- she gestured to the nearest camera -- "is on. Number two, no getting them pregnant. Number three, no giving them diseases."
As you have commanded, agreed Tokoro, so it is done.

Soon, two new demons had joined the group; one another sluglike horror, the other resembling a corpse with intestine-tentacles.
This, said Tokoro, pointing at the slug, is Dongo. He then gestured to the corpse. And this is Punlil.
Ahhh, smiled Punlil, such lovely food!
"" gulped Himiko, a nineteen-year-old redhead.
"Uh, oh," muttered Achiko, a large-breasted blonde with the body of a dancer.
They think we're gonna hurt them, Dongo said to Punlil. Both of them burst out laughing.
We require only your sexual energy, said Punlil.
"Is that right?" asked Achiko, arching her eyebrow in amusement. "It's almost showtime anyway..."

Soon Achiko was squirming in the grasp of Dongo's tentacles as he "raped" her. She tried to look unwilling, but couldn't believe the ecstasy she was feeling. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through her as she experienced her most wonderful multiple orgasm yet.

Are you a virgin? asked Punlil.
"Sort of," said Himiko as she fingered Punlil's phallic tentacles. "I've never done it with a...with something like you."
I know how you feel, Punlil answered. I've never had a willing woman before.
That remark made Himiko arch her eyebrow, but she let it slide.
"Aaand...ACTION!" shouted Yosho.
"Nooo! Don't come any closer!" screamed Himiko as Punlil reached for her. The demon's limbs wrapped around Himiko, pinning her arms like boa constrictors and forcing her legs open.
A big, slimy member slid up and plunged into her cleft, making her scream in mock horror, half-mock pain...and passion that wasn't mock at all. Yet another slimy tentacle went down her throat, cutting off her screams.
As the tentacle in her cunt slid down her channel, Himiko thrashed and moaned, pretending to hate it, but enjoying it on the inside. The big sexy thing slid all the way to her cervix, then bumped against it.
Himiko gasped with the effort to breathe, wriggling like crazy against the excruciating effect on her nervous system. Then the tentacle became amorphus, sliding into her womb. None of it hurt; in fact, Himiko's face took on an expression of disbelief that anything could be so pleasureable. She began to multiple-orgasm wildly, her hips bucking and her breasts flopping.
Punlil saw the womanly fluids being secreted from Himiko's pussy. As she flowed generously, Punlil screamed, I got a GUSHER!!! and orgasmed himself, semen exploding out his phalluses.
Himiko's entire belly then became filled with a golden glow, which spread throughout every nerve in her body. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her jaw dropped, then her eyelids slid shut and her mouth closed in an expression of sweet pleasure.
"Cut," said Yosho softly, impressed by Punlil's performance. Yosho had never seen anyone fucked into unconsciousness before.

"Hai! Hai! Hai!" chanted Keiko as she experienced her thirtieth multiple orgasm with Tokoro. They'd been going at it like that for hours, and Keiko didn't feel sore or tired; in fact, she didn't feel anything but pleasure, and her body seemed to get stronger with each orgasm.
There were definite advantages to being Tokoro's "priestess"!
It went on like this for a while, women seduced to join the studio and brought to the most wonderful orgasms imaginable, and getting paid rather highly for it. And Keiko, Achiko, and Himiko enjoyed their "rehearsals", both with each other and with their "pets".

One day, a month after it all started, Yosho responded to a knock on the door. Standing before him was a woman dressed in Shinto priestess garb. Her face would have been considered attractive, if it wasn't for the intolerant expression on it.
"I am Haruka," she introduced herself. "I've been hearing stories about this place. We will not tolerate your whores." She pointed at him. "You have 24 hours to pack up and leave."
"What do you say to that?" asked Yosho to his "co-workers". They all shut one eye and stuck out their tongues in a look of annoyance. Haruka was, of course, not amused.
What's going on? wondered Dongo.
Of course, one look at him and Haruka reacted. "So!" she exclaimed. "You use demons in your work!" She hurled a ward at it.
The ward stuck to the demon's forehead, burned...and dissolved to ash. Dongo shrugged. We're not evil, you daft fool! he explained.
What's going on? demanded Punlil as he and Toroko burst on the scene. One hasty explanation later, the three demons surrounded her.
We COULD rape you, informed Toroko, but we WON'T.
We have all we want, explained Punlil. Energy, safety, WILLING prey...
What we DON'T need are fanatical conservatives trying to take these things from us, concluded Dongo meaningfully.
"I understand," said Haruka. "I will attempt to explain things to the council."

A few days later, she showed up at the door. Gone was the Shinto robe, replaced by something more casual.
"They wouldn't listen to reason," she complained. "I didn't have a chance. So I renounced my old beliefs."
So now what? wondered Dongo.
"I guess I'm with you guys now," she smiled.

And she hasn't regretted her decision since.