TENTACLE YOUR FANCY part 3 (prev.)

by T.C. Shanahan

Sindee Miller had put the finishing touches on her latest erotic/romantic fanfic and e-mailed it to her favorite site. She smirked as she skimmed the latest stories on it. One story had a girl entering a haunted house and being raped by literally everything but the kitchen sink, and then the sink arrived late in the game.
Sindee had to laugh at that one. What was the point of a kitchen sink (or *any* inanimate object, for that matter) raping anyone? There were no nerve endings in the plumbing, so sex (forced or otherwise) had to be about as thrilling as watching one of those stupid infomercials that make everybody change the channel so they can watch cartoons or porn or whatever the hell else was on.
There was another one, this one about a ghost who raped a pretty young thing until she died from the strain, then raped *her* ghost for all eternity. Again, the same question: why would a ghost rape anyone? Being immaterial and already dead, it couldn't possibly feel an orgasm.
Others were sick or crude, but some were arousing, sweet, or funny. Suddenly, Sindee heard the phone ring. Glad the modem and the phone were on different lines, Sindee picked it up. "Hello?"
"Sindee, it's Meryl," said the voice on the other line.
"Hi, Meryl, how's it going?" asked Sindee.
"Great, just great. Oh, by the way, remember Brian from college?"
"The creepy nerd who just stared at you? Yeah."
"Oh, be nice! Anyway, he had a real rough time recently."
"Does this have anything to do with that news story about the airline?"
"It's got *everything* to do with it. Can you come over to his place?"
"Sure, what's the address?"

Sindee arrived at Brian's house. At the porch, she rang the doorbell. Meryl answered it. "Hi, Sindee, come on in."
"So, how's Brian?" asked Sindee when she got inside.
"Well, that's what I want to talk to you about," said Meryl. "He had some...radical surgery while he was there, and, well, you might be in for a shock."
"Well, where is he?" asked Sindee. "I wanna see him!"
"Brian?" asked Meryl, shouting up the stairs. "Sindee's here!"
"I'll be right there," called Brian.
"Is Brian all right?" asked Sindee. "His voice sounds kinda..."
Suddenly, the house shook as something huge (namely, Brian) lumbered through the upstairs hallway and down the stairs. Before Sindee loomed the new Brian.
"Uhhh...hi, Sindee," said Brian, nervously waving a tentacle in greeting.
Unsurprisingly, Sindee fainted.

After she awakened, and had three beers, Sindee was sufficiently calmed to have the whole story explained to her. "So you're shackin' up with Brian?" she asked.
"It's only temporary," Meryl explained. "Brian's gonna need all the moral support he can get until things get back to normal."
"Geez," said Sindee, running a hand through her dark hair. "That doc did a real number on you, Brian. No offense."
"None taken," said Brian. "It's the truth."
"So, what do we do now?" asked Sindee.
"I've got a friend in Japan working on the problem," said Brian. "She's doing all she can."
"Meanwhile," said Meryl wth a wicked gleam in her eye, "how about a tentacle orgy?"
Sindee raised an eyebrow. Then she said, "Ah, hell, I'm tipsy from all those damn beers anyway! Let's fuck!"
So they retreated to the bedroom where Meryl and Sindee stripped off their clothing. Sindee wasn't an athlete or anything like that, but she was in fairly good shape, with a slender frame and firm, perky breasts.
Brian lifted Sindee and Meryl into the air and helped them spread their legs. Staring at Meryl's pussy, Brian asked, "I wonder if any of my tentacles will fit in there?" He probed it with a tentacle as other members caressed her breasts, making her all tingly. His member slid its way into Sindee's vagina as if it were somehow amorphous. Brian grunted as the tight cunt squeezed his tentacle dick. "Hey, Sindee, you okay?" he asked.
"Mmmph!" gasped Sindee. "Oh my God, Brian...this feels so...oh, God..."
"Hey, what about me?" asked Meryl, and Brian obliged, sliding another tenta-dick into her crevice, pleasuring her.
Sindee couldn't believe the sensation in her body: such fullness, as the tentacle slid from her vagina down the channel into her womb; the massaging rhythm, as it pulsed and throbbed, rippling throughout her. The manipulation of her breasts felt incredible, too, making her tingle all over.
""Here's...something else I wanna...try," said Brian, obviously feeling similar sensations himself. "Warn me if...if this hurts." A second member slid into Sindee's anus and filled her up to her colon, teasing it.
Siindee cried out with pleasure. This experience was incredible! Her body shook with delight and her breath came out in short pants. Meryl was very much the same and Brian writhed from the effect these two were having. Suddenly he felt the orgasm starting to hit. "Oh, shit, hold on! Oh..huh...huh...HUUUUUUUNNNNNNHHHH!"
The tenta-dicks fired their loads into their respective nooks and crannies, and Sindee's warm sensations flared up into an inferno. "OHHH...MYYYYY...GOOOOOOOHHHHHHD!!!!" she screamed as her body caught fire, round after round of demon cum shooting into her womb and her ass, her body convulsing and her mind filling with light. Soon she couldn't even feel anything anymore except for the orgasms exploding over and over and she was reduced to a semi-intelligent state. Her last thought before losing consciousness was, *Goody, this fun! Want play more!*

As Sindee and Meryl drifted off to blissful unconsciousness and Brian lay back exhausted, he observed the two peaceful women. He now had a relationship with not one, but two gorgeous women. Maybe becoming a monster wasn't such a bad deal after all. The old Beauty and the Beast thing.
Still, he knew his...condition wouldn't be acceptable to the world at large. He had to contact Achika again, and soon.
But first, he needed a rest. He sat back, closed his eyes, and fell asleep to the sound of the two women breathing.